Mustang Shenzhan Technique Yijinjing-9 transforms your body into a spectacular shape

Yijinjing-9 (Mustang Shenzhan Technique YJJ9 ) will transform your body into a spectacular shape that everyone will envy. Moreover, it will increase your blood and energy circulation so that you will feel energized. Lastly, it will get rid of most of your pains. The biggest advantage of doing this set of exercise is that youContinue reading “Mustang Shenzhan Technique Yijinjing-9 transforms your body into a spectacular shape”

Mustang Jingzuo Technique Basics II

As practitioners of life cultivation, and we belong to the Carefree Sect, we do not generally follow a strict plan on meditation. However, if you want to follow the tradition, then you should plan about how long you have to meditate. Before you start meditation, you should plan your time for meditation. Most senior meditatorsContinue reading “Mustang Jingzuo Technique Basics II”

Mustang Tuina Technique Qiyang

The Qiyang set of tuina, or massage applies to the whole body practiced in the morning so that we will feel energized the whole day. In a previous article, we have discussed massage applied to the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and face. Here we will continue to discuss massage applied to the neck, the chest,Continue reading “Mustang Tuina Technique Qiyang”

The Art of Tuna Breathing Variations

John: Before I leave the topic of Stage One of Energy Circulation, I want to touch on the posture of our body while lying in bed doing the exercise. Mark: What is the correct posture? John: We practitioners of life cultivation have our own preferences and inventions. One of my friends will curve his legsContinue reading “The Art of Tuna Breathing Variations”

Mustang Tuina Technique General

The Mustang Tuina Technique is equivalent to the Western Massage Technique, but more. Here, as practitioners of life cultivation, we group together some particular techniques that are useful to our practice, and we call them Mustang Tuina Technique. It is not one particular technique, but a set of external application techniques that we group togetherContinue reading “Mustang Tuina Technique General”

The Art of Mustang Tuna Technique

It is about Energy Circulation Robin: What is Mustang Tuna Technique? John: It is a technique for performing deep breathing. As practitioners of life cultivation, we use the technique to increase our air (and thus oxygen) intake. As a collateral benefit, it also increases our energy circulation. Thus it is very beneficial for people whoContinue reading “The Art of Mustang Tuna Technique”

Mustang Shenzhan Technique Modalities

Mustang Shenzhan Technique is a set of stretching exercises specifically designed for life cultivation practitioners like us. It is mainly for the maintenance and repair of our body. It is highly recommended that it be used in conjunction with other Mustang Cultivation Techniques. What are the best stretching exercises for us to improve daily life?Continue reading “Mustang Shenzhan Technique Modalities”

What Foods for Whom

The human body will age no matter how hard we try to do life cultivation. We just hope that our body will age slowly. We hope that we will feel and look like sixty at age eighty. What kind of nutrition does the human body need? Why does the human body age? Foods to beautifyContinue reading “What Foods for Whom”

General Advice on Food

The renowned Physician Li Shizhen of Ming Dynasty, mentor of life cultivation, said that foods and drinks are the lifeblood of people. Thus we have to have foods and drinks for our survival. On the other hand, there is a summary report in modern medicine, that 80% of chronic unhealthy conditions (obesity, high blood pressure,Continue reading “General Advice on Food”


Handprints are a kind of hand posture. In Buddhism it is called a handprint. However, in our practice of body cultivation, we use handprints for health preservation. Energy Handprint You pinch your thumb, middle finger and ring finger together and stretch the other fingers for 5 to 45 minutes. Do it with both hands simultaneously.Continue reading “Handprints”