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Actor Helmut Berger dies

Austrian star Helmut Berger has died at the age of 78.

The actor passed away “peacefully but nevertheless unexpectedly” at his home in Salzburg on Thursday morning, according to a statement issued by his agent.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we are glad that someone dies after living a sweet life till the end of the day. We practice so that we may end our lives as sweet as he can.

Mustang 8-brocade Technique Advanced

As practitioners of life cultivation, most of us practice the 8-brocade technique as the cornerstone of our fitness program to rejuvenate our body.

Learn and practice from this practice guide that is designed for you to learn by yourself.

With stomach problems? Easy remedies.

New Ways on Stomach Health SV

Part five of supplemental discussions on new ways of treating our stomach.

In our supplemental posts, we will discuss the spleen and stomach issues in depth, including but not limited to nursing care, regular maintenance, repair at an early stage, repair at the later stage. In addition, we will discuss the use of several herbal medicine techniques in treating the problems.

First, let’s take another look at the functions of the spleen and stomach from the traditional herbal medicine point of view.

Then we look at the signs of the problem so that we will take actions to correct the problems at an early stage.

Then we will discuss ways to do regular maintenance to our stomach. We start with foods that are beneficial to your stomach.

As We Age: timeliness brings longevity

Everyone will age, but some people age gracefully and happily, while others age sadly. The main reason for this difference is that people have different understandings and answers to aging.

We should not be afraid of aging, but accept aging calmly, cherish the present, and live every day steadily and happily.

To live happily and freely on the road to aging, to grow old calmly and proudly.

Today we learn what our daily activities should be based on a twenty four hours day.

Mustang Breathing Guidance

The breathing guidance technique is an ancient fitness method characterized by a combination of stretching exercise, breathing exercise, and massage exercise.

We use tapping, stretching, massage and whole body movement to improve our blood circulation and metabolism, to excite our subcutaneous nerves and soft tissues, muscles and blood periosteum, and even deep nerve trunks, thereby obtaining benign stimulation. It will affect our complex viscera to allow it to adjust functions of the whole body.

A New Look at High Blood Pressure

As practitioners of life cultivation, we are very concerned whether we have a high blood pressure condition. We will change our lifestyle to take on heart-healthy habits when that happens. There are new ways to deal with the condition without medication and costly surgery. Furthermore, there is no anxiety.

Rejuvenate your body with the stance technique

There is a standard standing posture for the practice of the static stance. We listed seventeen important points here for in-depth consideration. Once you master these standards, you are on your way to a healthy and beautiful body.

Our Body Constitution

It is easy for you to attain a perfectly balanced body constitution. All you have to do is to adjust your state of mind to follow certain simple guidelines. It does not cost you money. It does not cost you an arm and a leg. However, you must want to do it yourself. Nobody can help you. Nobody can force you. This is the first principle of holistic wellness. You must be responsible for your own health and happiness.

Techniques for longevity and carefree life

Learn and practice our wellness techniques including dietary technique, deep breathing technique, massage technique, meditation technique, advanced meditation technique, and stretching technique so that you will end up with a perfectly balanced mind and body, and live a happy and healthy life.

Dietary Technique

We shall live on with food. However, because food is mostly mass produced nowadays and it brings abundance with shortcomings. As practitioners of holistic wellness, we are very careful on what we eat, how much we eat, when to eat, how we eat them, and we watch out on their effects on our body.

Some sample posts

Life Cultivation

Once you master the life cultivation subject matters outlined here, you will live to be one hundred years old without illness. Life cultivation is a big and complex subject. We will try to cover only very basic subject matters in a very simplified form.

Mind Cultivation

In our practice of holistic wellness, taking care of our heart and mind, our life will turn out to be better. Agree? Today we bring to you four ways to cultivate our mind. Hopefully, we will end up with a healthier mind and a happier life.

Body Cultivation

In order to have a healthy body, we must adjust our lifestyle in such a way that our body will return to homeostasis. Here is some general advice on lifestyle changes to achieve a balanced body constitution. There we go and enjoy.

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