We are dedicated to support the 50+ in life cultivation so as to lead an active, carefree, happy and healthy life.

What is our website about

Our website is about Life Cultivation, the ways and means of making micro adjustments to your body, so that you will live a healthy, happy, and carefree life. It is natural living, natural healing, and natural dying.

What is life cultivation

It is the art of living a healthy, happy and carefree Life. It revolves around mind cultivation and body cultivation. It is about how you can live longer and look younger. It is about how you can disrupt the aging process. It is about how you can live without illness. It is about how you can use sex to maintain your health.

What is mind cultivation

It is the art of maintaining a peaceful and contented mind. You will be free from the bad emotions. You will be free from stress, anxiety, and grief. You will learn and apply certain techniques to meet your objectives.

What is body cultivation

It is the art of micro adjusting your body through fitness exercises and food nutrients to achieve a healthy body. You will learn and apply several techniques to maintain your body at its prime condition.

Why practice life cultivation

Once you practice life cultivation, you will live a painless, healthy and happy life free from illness. You will likely stay away from the hospital, surgery, doctor, and medicine. You can achieve these results in less learning time without costing you an arm or a leg. You will save huge medical expenses.

How do we support you in life cultivation

Our mission is to help the 50+ to live an active, carefree, happy, and healthy life of their dreams through life cultivation. We provide support in various ways.

You may learn from the writings here. Each post is short to accommodate the busy lifestyle of most people.

For those who are serious about their own body cultivation and want to practice them, then you should subscribe to Mustang BodyWorks Infoletter. They will be delivered to you via email. They are designed for people who are good at self-learning at their own pace.

You may also join our Workshops or Health Retreats if you are good in learning in a group situation. There will be one or two moderators. You will share your learning with others. You may also opt to join our Mustang BodyWorks Retreat to learn, experience, and practice what you have learned. You may engage the services of our professional consultants. Their role is similar to the personal trainers in a fitness center.

Contact us by email please. No telephone calls. Pretend that the telephone was not invented yet. We live a carefree life, mind you. We do not rush to a telephone when it rings.

What is financial freedom

Many people think they cannot be free without lots of money. Here we offer income opportunities for people who have money and want to make more money, and for people who have no money now but have skills that can be converted into money.

Want to know about vineyard gossip

The website was designed with personal experiences of several people in mind. A man at sixty was destined to die because of poor health and a mental breakdown. He then started to learn and practice life cultivation and fortunately he came back to life. He now believes in natural living and natural healing. We believe he will live until he dies naturally without an illness.

In your great wisdom, you will learn life cultivation right away to avoid a near destruction of body and mind. We will tell you how to do life cultivation, body cultivation, and mind cultivation the easy ways. You will then live without the struggle that he has gone through. Stay tuned.

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