Mustang Dietary Technique Modalities


Foods provide the necessary nutrients for our body and soul. Without food for several days, we will not be able to live. Quite a number of revolutions were started in China by hungry people. As practitioners of life cultivation, we will never forget the words of the Empress of France.

We shall live on with food. However, because food is mostly mass produced nowadays and it brings abundance with shortcomings. As practitioners of life cultivation, we are very careful on what we eat, how much we eat, when to eat, how we eat them, and we watch out on their effects on our body.

Thus, under Mustang Dietary Technique, we shall discuss and practice the following subject matters:

General advice on foods

What foods for who

Foods for old-aged

Foods for heart and brain

Foods for diabetes

Foods for high blood pressure

Foods for old-aged vision

Foods for Hair

Foods for skin moisturization

Foods and seasonal changes

Foods the colorful

Foods war and peace

And More

  • Inherent nature of foods
  • All about plant foods
  • Fruits in season
  • The medicinal foods
  • Foods to improve our Health
  • Eating basic principle
  • And more

Stay tuned for the next episode: General advice on foods.

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