Classification of Body Constitution

Classification of body constitution helps to return your body to its prime condition.

Once upon a time, your body was at its prime condition, a body that is in perfect balance, or in homeostasis. It may be the time you play football in high school. It may be the time you play basketball in college. You just feel that you have all the energy that you need for a life that you want.

By the time you read this, you may be way past your prime. You may have just passed fifty, but you long to return to the time when you are in perfect good health. Can you do it?

You may be ninety years old now living with pain. However you long for the days with no pain and that you can have a nice sleep. Can you do it?

Yes. You can do it, but first you need to know how your body has deviated from its prime condition. Here the classification of body constitution comes in. Then you will find ways that will lead you back to your prime.

When we speak of our body constitution, it is a way to classify our body condition to see which way it has deviated from the norm, the perfectly healthy body. Once we understand our deviation from the norm, we can then attempt to return our body to its norm.

We regard our body as unique in itself. Therefore, we are the one and only people who take good care of our body. In order to take care of our body, we should first understand our body, right?

First of all, our body health is influenced by both the inborn (natural) factors and the acquired factors while we are growing up.

Thus, an understanding of our unique body constitution can guide us towards more effective adjustment and illness prevention through making lifestyle changes and avoiding bad factors. This is especially true for acquired factors.

Acquired factors include, but are not limited to, diet, environmental factors, emotional state and lifestyle. Inborn factors, on the other hand, are inherited traits which make us susceptible to certain deviations from the norm. These inherited traits cannot be easily changed and therefore, an emphasis is placed on improving the body constitution as a whole and avoiding acquired factors that are harmful to health.

Bear in mind that a good adjustment for you may not benefit other people, simply because your body constitution is unique. Similarly, whatever is recommended for other people may or may not work for you. You will see the reasons why as you go on reading.

Even if two different individuals were to contract the same disease, we regard each individual as unique, treating them differently according to their body constitution. Professional practitioners employ unique diagnosis methods such as categorizing symptoms, observing the tongue and feeling the pulse at the radial artery to make diagnoses and tailor treatments to the individual’s health status. It is therefore essential that our body constitution is first determined in order to have an in-depth understanding.

Thus our body constitution reflects our unique physical, physiological and psychological functions. It stems from our parents’ prenatal essence and the postnatal essence we acquire in later life as we grow up. Our body constitution is influenced by our physical traits, psychological character, emotional status, lifestyle habits, diet and living environment.

As practitioners of holistic wellness, we usually follow the Classification and Judgment of TCM Constitution to classify body constitution into nine types, from Type A to Type I. It makes it easy easy for us to discuss how to apply various techniques to improve our health.

The standard nine subtypes of classification of body constitution are unique in their own ways. Understanding our body constitution and adopting the relevant lifestyle changes will help us achieve optimal health and prevent illness.

Before we go into the standard classification, there are several other ways to classify body constitution which we will discuss now.

One key classification of body constitution is to divide them into Hot and Cold, or Dry and Wet. Thus, a person may have a body constitution that is Hot, or Cold, or Dry, or Wet. He may also have a body constitution that is both Hot and Dry, or both Cold and Wet, and so on.

In another classification, an individual’s body constitution can be classified into three categories. These are the balanced type, the yang type, and yin type. The optimal body type is the balanced type which is deemed as the ideal body constitution of a healthy person with a strong immune system. A person with a balanced body constitution is said to be in a state of homeostasis, with internal organs functioning optimally and acquiring resistance to diseases. Both the yin and yang body constitution types are in a state of imbalance.

For the yang body type, the yang energy is in excess in relation to the yin energy. This results in the person being susceptible to acquiring diseases which are yang in nature, which often manifests in symptoms such as fever, headaches, insomnia and even abscesses. A person with a yang body type is prone to being easily irritable, hyperactive, resents hot weather, perspires easily and often feels thirsty.

On the other hand, for the yin body type, the yin energy is in excess in relation to the yang energy. This results in the person being susceptible to acquiring diseases which are yin in nature, which often manifests in symptoms such as chills, phlegmy cough and water retention. A person with yin body type is prone to being easily fatigued, inactive and resents cold weather.

Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them.

If you are interested in learning more about your own body constitution, such as how to determine your own body constitution, and how to make adjustments, please read on.

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