Mustang Jingzuo Technique Basics VI


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It’s easy to forget time when we practice Jingzuo, but paying too much attention to time will only distract us. Some people think that setting an alarm clock can help solve this problem, but remember to choose an alarm clock with a softer ringtone. If the alarm sounds too loud, the idea of always remembering when the alarm sounds will also interfere with our mind.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we are always conscious of our emotions and thoughts when we are not practicing Jingzuo. In the days of practicing Jingzuo, we will be calmer, more pleasant, and more awake than in the days of no practice.

We will never let our inner voice sneak into our thoughts. We can keep an eye on these ideas, but we do not take them with our nose.

When we want to practice Jingzuo, but feel exhausted, sore, uncomfortable, or simply unable to achieve a certain degree of relaxation, then we will do some relaxation activities first. We will usually take a walk, run, shower or take a bath, and these activities can effectively relieve stress. After that, we will try to start practicing in Jingzuo again.

The correct posture can make more room for our lungs and make our breathing smoother. In fact, we will feel that most of the muscles from the buttocks to the neck are centered on the respiratory muscles of the diaphragm. Although only a little bit, we can feel that they are all helping the diaphragm breathe.

If we notice this, then our posture is correct. The correct posture is not difficult to maintain and very comfortable, you will have a feeling of floating on water.

When we are completely calm, we can do whatever we want. Some people find that this time is particularly suitable for thinking about major decisions or exploring their own subconscious minds, while others simply enjoy the rare rest brought by Jingzuo practice. For people with religious beliefs, Jingzuo is a way of communicating with their gods and getting God’s revelation.

The Mustang Jingzuo Technique has already played its role before we learn to concentrate. Through practice, the Jingzuo practice can bring us many benefits.

We usually choose the method that works best for us. The way that the practice is suitable for others is not necessarily for us. We try out different ways for our Jingzuo practice. We do not give up easily. We always remember to relax!

In the Jingzuo practice, we do not go for speed because we cannot reach it. The Jingzuo practice does not allow us to become a master overnight. Only by doing pure practice without utilitarianism can we get the best results.

Some of the benefits of the Jingzuo practice that are not usually noticed include easier falling asleep, improving violent temper and mentality changes, especially for those of us who have practiced for more than one thousand hours, such as the monk.

As practitioners of life cultivation, If we find it hard to stick to a schedule for the Jingzuo practice, we will start with a short practice. Almost everyone can stick to the Jingzuo practice for one or two minutes without being disturbed by any distractions. Then, after the waves in our mind have subsided, we will try to extend the time of the Jingzuo practice a little bit until we can complete the Jingzuo practice.

The benefits of long-term Jingzuo practice are obvious and worthy of our persistence. These benefits include: training awareness, relieving stress, soothing emotions, improving memory and concentration, and increasing gray matter (brain cells) in various parts of the brain.

This is the end of the series in Mustang Jingzuo Technique Basics Knowledge. We will discuss advanced knowledge soon. Stay tuned.

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