Mustang Breathing Guidance Technique

The human body cannot survive without air. Whether the breathing is exchanged in the lungs or between various tissues of the human body, the purpose is to absorb beneficial oxygen and exhale harmful carbon dioxide, so as to clean the blood, and then transport it from the heart to various tissues of the human bodyContinue reading “Mustang Breathing Guidance Technique”

How a compressed meal will hurt you

Do you know what a compressed meal is? Sometimes we tend to be unhappy at work or in life. We get a little angry. Nevertheless, we have our meal when the anger is budding, but we don’t know that this will do great harm to our body. As practitioners of health solutions, we want toContinue reading “How a compressed meal will hurt you”

The Taiji Primordial Stance VII

As practitioners of holistic wellness, we usually practice three types of holistic techniques such as (1) the natural stance technique or taiji primordial stance technique, (2) the shaking or the swing technique, and (3) the rotation technique. Any one of these techniques will help us to do body maintenance so that our body will beContinue reading “The Taiji Primordial Stance VII”

Swing to your Health

After we have introduced the Mustang 8-brocade Technique for body rejuvenation, we will introduce the Mustang Swing Technique. The Mustang 8-brocade Technique is relatively hard to learn and practice. On the other hand, we love the Mustang Swing Technique for its simplicity. There is almost no learning process. A practitioner can do it immediately. However,Continue reading “Swing to your Health”

Distinguishing Constitution of Foods

What food is to the human body is what fuel is to a wood burning stove. The digestion process in our body is similar to the combustion of a piece of wood in the wood burning stove. With different wood and combustion methods, we will get different energy produced and waste residues. In herbal medicine,Continue reading “Distinguishing Constitution of Foods”

Distinguishing Inherent Natures of Foods

As practitioners of life cultivation, we pay attention to the inherent nature of the foods we eat. We are especially concerned whether the food is inherently cold, hot or neutral. We make a list of the cold and hot properties of common vegetables, fruits, meat, and common herbs so that we know what we eat.Continue reading “Distinguishing Inherent Natures of Foods”

Foods the Colorful

As practitioners of life cultivation, we make it a rule to eat plenty of vegetables. Some of us become vegetarians who do not eat meat. Some of us pay attention to eating vegetables of different colors, green, yellow, red, purple, black, and white. They have different nutrients, and different colors are equivalent to labeling differentContinue reading “Foods the Colorful”

Keys to Jingzuo and Ruding Practice Part Two

This is part two on Keys to jingzuo and ruding practice. You must read part one in order to go into the ruding practice. Otherwise, you are doing something wrong to yourself. Something bad may happen to you. 03 Ruding Practice If you want to practice the ruding technique, your breath must be balanced, andContinue reading “Keys to Jingzuo and Ruding Practice Part Two”

Keys to Jingzuo and Ruding practice Part One

01 Prerequisites for Jingzuo practice As practitioners of life cultivation, most of us practice the tuna technique (deep breathing) and the jingzuo technique (sitting meditation) in one form or other to improve our body and mind. However, for beginners of life cultivation, they should understand that the jingzuo technique has some prerequisites for practice. FirstContinue reading “Keys to Jingzuo and Ruding practice Part One”