Adjusting Type A Body Constitution

As practitioners of life cultivation, we like to adjust our body so that our body is in perfect balance and we are in perfect health. The Type A constitution is referred to as the Pinghe Type, or the Neutral and Balanced type. This type of body constitution is the perfectly healthy body. All other typesContinue reading “Adjusting Type A Body Constitution”

Mustang Shenzhan Technique Yijinjing-9 transforms your body into a spectacular shape

Yijinjing-9 (Mustang Shenzhan Technique YJJ9 ) will transform your body into a spectacular shape that everyone will envy. Moreover, it will increase your blood and energy circulation so that you will feel energized. Lastly, it will get rid of most of your pains. The biggest advantage of doing this set of exercise is that youContinue reading “Mustang Shenzhan Technique Yijinjing-9 transforms your body into a spectacular shape”

Mustang Shenzhan Technique Practice Advice

Many Chinese medical practitioners recommend Chinese style stretching exercises which we refer to as Shenzhan Technique. Mustang Shenzhan Technique will not only shape the body, it will also regenerate the internal organs. Mustang Shenzhan Technique conforms to the principles of Chinese medicine. It will strengthen both the body shape and vital energy. The basic courseContinue reading “Mustang Shenzhan Technique Practice Advice”