Mustang Breathing Guidance Technique XII

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The Mustang Breathing Guidance Technique is based on the Wudang Taoism Technique. In our holistic wellness programs, we practice this technique for holistic wellness and longevity, not for martial arts (kungfu) purposes.

There are many techniques to guide our breathing. We choose this technique because it is simple, relatively easy to learn and practice, and its health efficacy is immediate.

This technique is rare among similar popular techniques worldwide. Its special breathing and health training method is relatively rare. You may say it is the secret treasure of Wudang Taoism.

The biggest feature of this technique is that it promotes the coordinated movements of different parts of the limbs through various breathing methods. The internal movement (the peristalsis of the five internal organs) drives the external movements (limb movements) in this technique. This is just the opposite of coordinating breathing with limb movements in other exercises. Thus it offers a unique function of health preservation and disease prevention.

If we are going after health and fitness with long-term practice of this technique, it will consciously tune up our body, harmonize the yin and the yang energy, and achieve special effects of strengthening our body and preventing diseases.

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