Keys to practice the Ruding Technique

Different dharmas or disciplines have different requirements for the practice of Ruding. In Taoism Ruding, it requires bewilderment. In Buddhism Ruding, it requires forgetting both I and outside things. No matter what kind of requirement it is, we must first know the samadhi or technique. Whether it is Buddhism or Taoism, they are all secretiveContinue reading “Keys to practice the Ruding Technique”

Popular Canon for Ruding

Ruding is not difficult,Cleansing to expose the original mind.No dust hanging around,This practice is natural. Put out the fire in the urn,Safe keeping is not the only way.Pumping out and filling in,Is the easiest to fail. Can’t send it with thought,It is difficult to turn the hub.Consciousness be hidden,This practice is at the tip ofContinue reading “Popular Canon for Ruding”

Purpose of Ruding

As practitioners of life cultivation, we simplify our practice so that we will live a healthy, happy, and active life without illness, and without much effort and money. We put great emphasis on our emotional state which we call mind cultivation. We strive to achieve a balanced mental state. We use several techniques to reachContinue reading “Purpose of Ruding”