Popular Canon for Ruding


Ruding is not difficult,
Cleansing to expose the original mind.
No dust hanging around,
This practice is natural.

Put out the fire in the urn,
Safe keeping is not the only way.
Pumping out and filling in,
Is the easiest to fail.

Can’t send it with thought,
It is difficult to turn the hub.
Consciousness be hidden,
This practice is at the tip of the eyebrow.

This practice is not the only rule,
A little bead is round.
Do not rely on appearance,
Do not pay respect,

Do not pay any attention,
Purification will suddenly dawn on you.
Loss is harmless,
Gain is no joy,

Come and go is immaterial,
Observation of practice can be ignored.
From which to find the Natural Way,
Flower blossoms forever.

Holding on to a certain sacred way,
Is a false statement in itself.
Everything is wiped out,
The mind will be at ease.

Buddhism does not cling to this,
So to achieve enlightenment.
Taoism transcends time,
Buddhism upholds the sky.

They transcend life and death,
Jump out the limitation of death.
Right and wrong will be resolved,
Good and evil will recycle.

Good or evil are not apparent,
Purification will be self-evident.
Three-null will gather there,
With sudden understanding of three lifetimes.

Become a big Carefree,
Though not a buddha or a god.
Still have to let go of everything,
For all of us to go to Spiritual Land.

Do not know what it means? Fear not. We, as practitioners of life cultivation learning the Art of Ruding. we do not know for sure. Let us meditate on it. The Natural Way may suddenly dawn on us.

Call to Action Summary


Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

This is an extract of the full treatise published in the Mustang BodyWorks Series, a paid-subscription. You may buy this full treatise for the price of US$5.00-20.00, using your PayPal account.

Treatise on Ruding Basics

Ruding is the practice of going into oblivion. It is an art that is very difficult to behold. Yet many people try.


Stay tuned for the next episode: More on Mustang Ruding Technique.

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