Keys to Jingzuo and Ruding Practice Part Two

This is part two on Keys to jingzuo and ruding practice. You must read part one in order to go into the ruding practice. Otherwise, you are doing something wrong to yourself. Something bad may happen to you.

03 Ruding Practice

If you want to practice the ruding technique, your breath must be balanced, and your vital-energy flow must be free, so that your body is saturated with vital-energy. With saturated vital-energy, there is no room for free energy flow, thus you are ready to enter the ruding state. Therefore, before entering the ruding state, you must have a very strong body and an excellent physique, otherwise, you cannot enter into the ruding state.

What we usually call the ruding state is, strictly speaking, some moments of tranquility, not the real ruding state. The real ruding state is that the individual disappears and merges into the whole universe, and then comes out of the whole universe. At this point, the individual carries all the codes and energy of the whole universe.

When you achieve the disappearance into the whole universe and also to live in the whole universe, then you have achieved the ruding state. When you come out after your stay, it is called exiting the ruding state. As soon as you enter, stay, and exit, your whole being will be reborn. After you come out from the ruding state, the codes radiated from your body are the same codes of information from heaven, and it is also the codes of the whole universe.

Therefore, you must first learn how to enter into the ruding state and then stay there.

After entering into the ruding state, some people are unable to stay in the ruding state and immediately come out. This will defeat the purpose of practicing the ruding technique.

Say you are going to charge your phone. You plug in your phone at the power supply, and then you immediately unplug it from the power source. Then your phone is not charged at all, right?

If you really want to charge your phone, you should charge your phone for one to eight hours after connecting to the power supply. You wait until your battery is charged to full capacity and then unplug it from the power supply. At this time, the power in your battery and the power at the power source are the same.

Thus, you should practice your ruding technique the same way. Once you go into ruding state, you should stay there.

The process of the ruding practice is divided into stages and levels, such as the first, second, third, and fourth meditation level (Jhana) in Zen Buddhism.

When entering the first jhana, all thoughts must be brought together into one thought, that is to say, there are no distracting thoughts, but only one thought. This thought rests in the present moment, when the body is relaxed and the body and mind are in harmony, which is called the first jhāna. The first jhana is most afraid of when people suddenly call you or push you. If the person next to you does not understand when you are meditating, they may call you or push you. Of course, when we meditate, we usually tell the people around us, don’t disturb me when I want to meditate, and if there is anything, we will deal with it after the meditation.

Before entering the ruding state, the pain and numbness of our body should be gone. Our body and mind have formed a whole energy, and our body is no longer fragmented. Just like a balloon, the whole now is full of vital energy, so that we can stay in the present moment and reach the first jhāna.

After we have lived through the first jhāna for a period of time, there will be a qualitative change inside and outside of our body and mind, just like a flower blooming, and it will continue to bloom. When a bud is formed at the beginning, it is equivalent to the first jhana, and when it reaches the second jhana, it begins to open up, and there is such an opening in the mind. If there is no one around to interfere, the process of blooming will continue to open.

When entering the second jhana, there will be obvious changes in our body, and our breathing will become weaker and weaker (breathing means that energy will be leaked, and it is also releasing energy). When we really enter the second jhana, there is no breathing.

Why not? Because our energies will be like outstretched hands and feet, all integrated with the universe. That is to say, our hand of the mind has reached out to the horizon, to the source of energy. At this time, as the hand of the mind is stretched out, a blooming power will arise within, and the inner flower will keep blooming.

When the second jhāna has passed, it means that the inner flowers are all opened, the hands are all stretched out, and the breathing stops.

If we keep going, the pulse on our wrist will stop. When this pulse is not beating, it means that all the energy of the self is released, the energy of the outside is all in, the inside and outside are integrated, not fragmented, and will not be fragmented. There is no relationship between you and me, and no relationship between energy and mine. There is no relationship between heaven and earth and me. At this time, there is no duality, only One.

When we enter the third jhana, we become One. The whole becomes One with the information of the universe. At this time, we are the message of heaven and earth, and the message of heaven and earth is us.

If we integrate quickly at this time, then we can settle quickly, and we do not need to live in the third jhana for a long time. Some people continue to live in the third jhana as the information is not integrated and they cannot come out. There is no state of “I am the information, and the information is me”. When he has finished merging the information and the message “I am the information and the information is me” appears, he will continue to move forward and enter the fourth jhana.

During the fourth jhana, not only the pulses are gone, but also the reactions at the physical and psychological levels are all gone, which means that there are no feelings, thoughts, actions, and consciousness. At this time, we can understand it as having surpassed the five, six, seven, and eight consciousnesses.

In the process of opening, in the midst of ruding practice, a picture will appear. After the opening, it will be closed, one opening and one closing, one opening and one closing, and so on. For some, there are many. For some, there are few. Everyone’s karma is different, but it must go through this opening and closing process.

Why have an opening? Opening is the process of integrating the individual into the whole. And why should it fit together? Only a synthetic whole can be divided into countless individuals at any time. The individual will become a large whole at any time, and the large whole will be split into countless small individuals at any time.

The whole process of formation and cultivation of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas is like this. During the process of entering the jhana, the information of the individual is released instinctively, and the information of the whole comes naturally. Just like opening a door, the air outside naturally comes in.

In fact, the Way is all around us and exists all the time. As soon as we open our body and mind, it will come in. After it comes in, it will form an internal and an external one.

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