Mustang 8-brocade rejuvenates your body Part Seven

The Mustang Shenzhan Technique is a series of stretching exercises for the maintenance and repair of our physical body. The Mustang 8-brocade Technique is just one of a suite of modalities of the Mustang Shenzhan Technique. It is a basic technique which is easy to learn and practice.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we engage in the Mustang 8-brocade Technique to juvenate our body. When we practice the technique on a daily basis, we will enhance our physical fitness and prevent illness. We will look and feel younger.

The Mustang 8-brocade Technique consists of eight styles or movements. In order to learn this technique properly, you start with the first movement. You memorize the instructions outlined here and then you visualize the movements and associated breathing method in your mind until you have it firmly in your mind.

While you are practicing, you do not refer to the instructions, or the pictures, or the video. You have to practice it from memory. You start to practice the movements and breathing, visualizing the movements in your mind. You focus on the movements by the eyes-nose-mind technique that you have learned before.

We have seen a housewife cooking a new recipe by watching a video on her mobile phone set on the kitchen counter top while she does her cooking. We are simply amazed by her actions. Do not imitate this housewife while you learn any Mustang Shenzhen Technique.

This Mustang 8-brocade Technique is suitable for people of all ages. It is best to practice outdoors in the morning before breakfast. If you sweat after the exercise, take a shower, or swipe off the sweat with a towel before breakfast. Do not let your skin absorb the sweat back into your body again.

We group all eight movements here for convenience. When you learn and practice, learn and practice one by one. Learn one until you are well versed with it, and then go on to the next. Try to learn one movement a week. Do not try to learn and practice more than one or all at once.

As practitioners of life cultivation, most of us take the Mustang 8-brocade Technique as the cornerstone of our fitness program to restore us to a younger self.

Here is the seventh movement of the Mustang 8-brocade Technique. Enjoy.

07 Angry sighting with fists

01 Movement

01 Stand upright. Spread your feet shoulder wide.

02 Bend your knees into a horse-riding style stance. Remember this stance because many of our shenzhan movements use this stance.

03 Clench your hands into fists and place them at the waist with the knuckle side down.

04 Hit your left fist out slowly with a twisting motion forward until your left arm is straight, fist knuckle side up, and your eyes are wide and stared forward as if you are very angry.

05 Then you retract your left fist, and hit forward with the right fist at the same time. You hit with your right fist the same way as before.

06 You hit forward alternating between left and right fist for as many times as you can. A beginner should start with fifteen times.

07 If you practice deep breathing at the same time, you should exhale when you punch, and inhale when you retract. Some people will emit a sound when they exhale and punch.

02 Comment

01 Stand loosely as in the previous movement.

02 Breathing in, the left foot crosses out into a horse stance, hands to the waist and half clenched fists, the heart of the fist is upward, the two fists are about three fists apart, and the two hands embrace like a half-moon, intending to guard the Dantian or Mingmen acupoint.

03 With the exhalation, hit the left fist forward to the left, turn slightly to the left along the momentum, pass the left fist to stare at the tiger, look into the distance, and pull the right fist backward at the same time, so that the left and right arms compete for strength. Pause for a moment.

The two fists are returned to their original positions at the same time, the virtual fist is released, the arc is drawn upwards and slowly descends on both sides, and the left foot is retracted to return to the standing position. Alternate left and right 6 to 8 times.

03 Operation Tips

Shrugging shoulders, slumping waist, closing eyes and other phenomena are easy to occur when doing this movement. The corrective method is to loosen the waist and sink the hips, sink the shoulders and drop the elbows, sink the energy into the dantian, straighten the spine, and widen the angry eyes.

This movement mainly moves the limbs, waist and eye muscles, which can enhance the lung energy, increase muscle strength, and has the power of strengthening tendons and bones.

04 Benefits

It will stimulate your energy circulation system, strengthen your blood supply and strengthen your muscles.

Call to Action

Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

This is an extract of the full treatise published in the Mustang BodyWorks Series, a paid-subscription. You may buy this full treatise for the price of US$10.00, using your PayPal account.

Stay tuned for the next episode: Mustang 8-brocade Technique Part Eight.

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