Purpose of Ruding


As practitioners of life cultivation, we simplify our practice so that we will live a healthy, happy, and active life without illness, and without much effort and money.

We put great emphasis on our emotional state which we call mind cultivation. We strive to achieve a balanced mental state. We use several techniques to reach this goal, chief among them is the tuna technique, the jingzuo technique, and the ruding technique. The western culture identifies this as simply meditation. Therefore, you may look upon ruding as a special way to do meditation.

The main purpose of ruding is to improve our experience of meditation. Traditionally, we are asked to do several things to achieve this state of meditation.

First of all, we must take this matter of meditation very seriously. We must look upon our practice location as a very sacred place. We must think of the meditation space as a very holy place.

When we practice meditation, we should not do anything during that time. We should then clear our brain and achieve a state of emptiness. All we do is to sit there without moving, inhale and exhale. We learn to focus our mind and attention. The sole purpose is to achieve total concentration, and we will be aware of our own existence more and more.

We must also be aware that at that moment we are at a very special place where we are sitting, breathing, thinking, and feeling. The more we notice when we are distracted, the more we can see our simple side.

This type of training will amplify our attention and consciousness which will lead to other experiences once we get into the state of ruding. We will see their functions especially during a state of emergency.

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Future episodes for this series:

  • What is ruding?
  • Keys to ruding
  • What to do after ruding?

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