Mustang Shenzhan Technique Yijinjing-9 transforms your body into a spectacular shape


Yijinjing-9 (Mustang Shenzhan Technique YJJ9 ) will transform your body into a spectacular shape that everyone will envy. Moreover, it will increase your blood and energy circulation so that you will feel energized. Lastly, it will get rid of most of your pains.

The biggest advantage of doing this set of exercise is that you can do them at any time, even when you are watching television programs.


01 Lift to tone muscles of your arms

If you are a sedentary person, or if you sit in front of your computer the whole day, you must have very poor muscle quality.

You can use dumbbells for this exercise. If you do not want to buy a set of dumbbells, you may fill up two mineral water bottles for the exercise.

Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands, extend your arms up and over the top of your head slowly, and then return them to the original position. Repeat the actions until your arms feel sore.

This will exercise the muscles of your arms. It will strengthen and beautify your muscles so you look more attractive to the opposite sex. It may prevent breast cancer for women. Do it with your girlfriend.

02 Change to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Your left hand is a gun (straighten your thumb and index finger and tighten your other fingers into a fist.)

Your right hand is a four (straighten your fingers closely and fold your thumb into your palm.)

Now change the shape of your hands, calling it one shot for four birds. That is, your left hand is now four, and your right hand is a gun.

Many people cannot do this exercise well. If you don’t do well, you should practice more. This exercise will strengthen your index finger and thumb to enhance coordination and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


03 Tip toe to prevent cramp muscles

Stand straight up. Use your toes to grab the ground and lift your heels. Hold it. Now your body weight is on your toes.

Now you return your heels to the ground and then lift your heels again. Repeat these up and down motions until you are tired of the game.

If you suffer from leg cramps or toe cramps at night, this exercise may relieve the cramps. This is the easiest way to increase blood supply to your heart and increase your blood circulation. Older or weaker persons may hold on to the back of a chair to aid in the exercise.

04 Stretch to relieve joint pain

Spread and straighten the fingers of both hands. Pause. Bend the knuckles in a claw shape. Pause. Next, close your fingers into a fist. Repeat the actions until you are tired of the game.

Some people will buy one or two iron balls and put them inside the palms to do the exercise. If you want to save money, use walnuts instead.

This exercise will help to alleviate joint pains of the fingers and wrist, including pains that are caused by the excessive use of the computer mouse.


05 Walk to lower blood sugar

The human leg is covered with 50% of the muscles, 50% of the bones, 50% of the nerves, 50% of the blood, and 50% of the energy circulation paths. Therefore, you must learn to walk properly.

The first way to walk is to take a big stride, at least one meter in length for each step. You just walk forward, swinging your arms as you walk. We called this the military walk.

The second way to walk is to walk with a lunge. You walk similar to the first way of walking with a modification. You bend your front knee as if you are doing horse-style squatting. Pause. Now lift the other leg to move forward, with the same bending and squatting motion.

Walk for at least one hundred steps to benefit from the exercise. You may walk further if you can do it.

Walk in the morning before breakfast. If you walk after a meal, do it for at least twenty minutes after the meal.

You cannot afford to have muscles on your belly. If you like to eat and hate to exercise, you are courting illness.

If you suffer from fat in your liver, you must control your weight and practice the walking exercise diligently. You must walk more than 10,000 steps per day (or one hour). You must persist for three months. You will then lower your blood sugar and blood lipids and be healthy again without medication.

You walk forward with your left leg, and then your right leg. This is one step. Similarly, you exhale air and then you inhale air. This is one breath.

06 Open your eyes to prevent cataracts

This exercise of the eyes is relatively easy compared with walking. Quickly open your eyes with force. Pause. Close your eyes quickly with force. You are essentially squeezing your eyes. If you do it right, you will hopefully moisten your eyes with tears. Repeat this action until you are tired of the game.

The action will force your eye blood to be squeezed back into your heart and fresh blood to be delivered to your eyes. This action is beneficial for the prevention of cataracts, myopia, and dry eyes.


07 Side lifting to treat cervical spondylosis

Spread your arms horizontally to your sides, with the fingers pointing upward.

Lift your chest.

Look forward and up. Lift your arms back and upward.

Walk forward two hundred steps.

Do this everyday. You will also have treated your neck and shoulders.

08 Turn to treat your lumbar

Sedentary people usually suffer from lumbar spine disorder.

This group of people can exercise the waist muscles through body movements.

First Movement. Stand straight with feet spread shoulder wide. Raise your arms horizontally to your sides. Turn your waist to the left five times, then to the right five times, for a total of fifty times for each side.

Second Movement. Stand straight with feet spread shoulder wide. Push your left hand against your waist. Raise your right hand over your head and press down on your left. Do it five times. Now change sides. Do it five times. Do it for a total of fifty times for each side.


09 Squat to treat knee joints

Stand upright with your feet spread shoulder wide. Put your hands against your waist. Bend your knees slightly. Stand firm.

You may also do this motion with your hands spreading forward instead of against your waist. Point your toes forward. Bend your knees slightly so as not to exceed your toes. Stand firm.

Stand firm for as long as you can. You may not be able to stand for long when you first do it. It is not important how long you stand. It is more important that you do it daily.

This is the easiest and most effective way to prevent knee joint dysfunctions.

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