Using Inner Vision to check our health


As practitioners of life cultivation, we use the inner vision technique to feel our inner organs to find out if they are abnormal in physiology or function. Once we find the bad organs, we can then repair them using Mustang Cultivation Techniques in advance to return them to normal operations. This will help us to maintain the health of our body without resorting to medication or surgical operation in later days.

As practitioners of life cultivation, our purpose is not to treat diseases of ourselves or other people. We just want to live out our lives as long as God wants it with a healthy body and soul.

Before we venture out to use the inner vision technique for health check, we must have some knowledge about our internal organs. Here we will talk about the most important internal organs a little bit.


Internal organs brief

The heart controls the blood vessels. The blood vessels house the blood. The heart and the blood vessels combined to make one relatively independent blood circulation system.

When the heart is full of vital energy and the heart beats rhythmically, the blood vessels are smooth and the blood flow is normal. If the heart’s vital energy is weak, its push will be weak, and the blood flow will be relatively stagnant.

In addition, the heart houses the spirit, and the spirit controls the vital energy. Thus the spirit also has a regulating effect on the heartbeat, blood circulation and blood flow.

The spleen governs the blood, keeps and controls the blood to run in the blood vessels without escaping outside the vessels. When the spleen is weak, the spleen will be unable to control the blood to stay inside the blood vessels, leading to various hemorrhages.

The spleen is also the source of blood making and expenditure, and is instrumental in blood fullness and circulation. The spleen is an important organ in our digestive and absorption system, making it instrumental in our body extracting and absorption of nutrients necessary for blood production.

The lungs as our respiratory system govern our vital energy flow. The blood of our body meets at the lungs. The physiological significance of the lungs is that the blood flows into the lungs through the pulmonary veins, and through the respiratory function of the lungs, air exchange is carried out, and then it is distributed to the whole body.

The lung controls the vital energy flow of the whole body and regulates the vital energy flow mechanism of the whole body, and the normal operation of the blood also depends on the compressing and regulation of the lungs. Thus the lungs play a very important role in the pushing and relating blood flow.

The liver maintains dredging, that is, it dredges and regulates in a rhythmic way the vital energy flow function of our whole body. Once our vital energy flow is smooth, our blood flow is also in smooth condition. This mainly explains the physiological function of the liver from the functional level.

The other function of the liver is in keeping the blood, regulating the amount of blood, thus it will be able to prevent hemorrhages.

Our kidneys are very important organs in that kidneys maintain the yin and yang harmony of our organs.

For example, the yang aspect of the kidneys supports the yang aspect of the heart, and promotes the smooth flow of blood vessels. The yin aspect of the kidneys supports the yin aspect of the heart and nourishes the blood vessels.

Clinically, we may see that the yang aspects of the heart and kidneys are deficient, leading to a weak pushing of the blood in the blood vessels. We may also see that the yin aspects of the heart and kidneys are deficient, leading to a weakening of the cooling and calming function of the heart and kidneys. Thus the dysfunctional kidneys will show up as a dysfunctional blood circulation system.

The internal organs are closely related to the bone and bone marrow. The kidneys house sperms and sperms manifest as bone marrow which are kept inside the bone. Thus abundant sperms will produce abundant marrow leading to healthy bones, giving us a strong and healthy body.

Inner vision technique brief

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