Inner Vision Technique applied


As practitioners of life cultivation, we use the inner vision technique to feel our inner organs to find out if they are abnormal in physiology or function. Once we find the bad organs, we can then repair them using Mustang Cultivation Techniques in advance to return them to normal operations. This will help us to maintain the health of our body without resorting to medication or surgical operation in later days.

In a previous article, we have briefly discussed each of the important organs as a learning reference. Now we will discuss how we apply the inner vision technique to find out what is wrong with our organs.

As a test of our inner vision technique, when you have a physical checkup with your physician, you may ask your doctor the conditions of your organs. You ask him how each of your organs has aged as compared to your biological age.

For example, your doctor may tell you your liver is ten to fifteen older than your biological age. Of course that is not good news, but you want to know that in order to reap the benefits of practicing Mustang Life Cultivation. It is not enough to be told that your health is alright after a physical checkup.


Inner vision technique brief

The inner vision technique of observing dysfunctional organs starts with the observation of the changes in the shape and colors of the human body, the changes of the vital energy flow and the blood flow reflected by the condition of the pulse.

Thus, as practitioners of life cultivation, we learn to observe the strength and weakness of our body shapes, the wetness and dryness of our colors, the strength and weakness of our vital energy flow, and the strength and weakness of our pulse.

Moreover, we note how long the changes have been in existence. Then we take appropriate actions to adjust our body to avoid the arrival of a major illness.

That is why when you visit your doctor, his nurse will measure your height, your weight, your body temperature, and your pulse and make a record of it. He wants to see the changes. However, he seldom discussed it with you. Have you ever wondered why?

On the observation of shape and color, if they look good and in harmony, we are in a healthy state. If our complexion is lustrous and bright, we are also in a healthy state.

If our shape and vital energy is not in harmony, we are in trouble. If our complexion is haggard and lacking luster, we have health problems.

When we are healthy, the pulse of the human body is compatible with the four seasons. Even if we are ill, it can be cured easily. However, if the pulse is weak but fluent with clinical symptoms, we might have problems with stomach gas. It is easy to treat. Thus we must not lose time in treating it.

On the other hand, if our pulse is sufficient and firm, it may indicate that the illness has become more serious. Also, if the pulse is in conflict with the four seasons, it may indicate that the disease is not treatable. Thus we must visit a professional physician right away.

As practitioners of life cultivation, if we have problems using the inner vision technique, we should seek help from the professional to increase our ability to see health problems ourselves before they become big issues.

It is very important that we learn how to spot health issues right away and seek professional help accordingly. We will learn more about the issue as we go on with our practice of life cultivation.

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