Killing you Softly with Emotions


Illness caused by The Seven Emotions are very different from illness caused by The Six Factors.

Illness that is caused by the Six Factors originates outside the human body. They invade the human body through the skin, nose, or mouth. At the beginning of the onset of the illness, all the symptoms are visible and so the illness can be easily treated.

On the other hand, when the cause of illness is the Seven Emotions, they directly affect the corresponding internal organs. The internal organs so affected are then out of balance, leading to confusion in blood and energy circulations so more internal organs are then in disorders. Finally we are ill, but the illness is now more difficult to detect and treat.

There are three ways our emotions can cause harm to our body.


Direct injury to the organs

As practitioners of life cultivation, we learn from observation that Anger will hurt the liver. Joy will hurt the heart. Thought will hurt the spleen and stomach. Sorrow will hurt the Lungs. Fear will hurt the kidneys.

However, it is not always that clear because the human body is an organic whole. Once a certain organ is hurt, it in turn may affect other organs, hurting them at the same time. Thus a beginner in life cultivation may not fully understand why he is suddenly ill in certain ways.

Let us take the heart as an example. The heart is the lord of all internal organs. Once we get emotional, the Five Emotions may shake the foundation of the heart. Once the heart is shaken, all other internal organs are also shaken.

The heart is sometimes referred to as the Mind. All kinds of emotional stimuli are related to the heart. The heart is the controller of all internal organs of the human body. Once the heart is damaged, it will involve other organs.

The main function of the heart is related to the blood, and it is where the Mind is housed. The liver stores the blood and its main function is in transport. The spleen and stomach is into digestion and transport and is situated in the middle. It is the hub of air and energy flow. It is involved in the origination of biochemistry of blood and energy. Thus illness of the Mind will lead to disharmony of energy and blood circulation of the organs, namely the heart, liver, and spleen.

For example, when a person is involved in deep thinking, solving problems with no solutions, he will hurt his heart and spleen, leading to heart and spleen energy deficiency. It will show the emergence of mental abnormalities and the loss of health of the spleen and stomach and other symptoms.

For example, when a person is angry, it will hurt his liver. When he is in anger, the liver energy will flow upward. The blood will follow the liver energy and reverse itself. It may then show symptoms of chest pain on the sides. For women, it may show symptoms of dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, or other symptoms related to dysfunction of liver energy flow.

In addition, emotional internal injuries may lead to internal inflammation. It will show up as fluid deficiency or inflammation illness. It may also lead to other illnesses related to the digestive system.

Affecting energy flows of the organs

As practitioners of life cultivation, we learn that emotional imbalance will affect energy flows of the internal organs, and do harm to the internal organs indirectly.

In summary, we observe that Anger will lead to energy flowing upward. Joy will lead to energy flowing slowly. Sorrow will lead to energy flow diminishing. Fear will lead to energy flow in turbulence. Deep Thinking will lead to energy flow in knots.

Anger will lead to energy flowing upward. Excessive anger will lead to liver energy going sideways and rushing upward. Blood flow will reverse itself with the reversal in liver energy flow. Now both energy and blood will flow upwards. A person may then show symptoms of red face, red eyes. He may even cough out blood and in an excessive case, he may even have fainted.

Joy will lead to energy flow going slower than usual. Thus It may smooth out the flow of energy and reduce tension. Under normal circumstances, Joy is a good and healthy emotion. However, if the person is violently overjoyed, the heart energy can be quickly dissipated and the mind momentarily out of control. The person may then show a loss of concentration and even ecstasy.

Sorrow will lead to energy flow diminishing. When a person is in deep grief, his lung energy will be depressed. He will suffer from depression, leading to a further loss of lung energy.

Fear will lead to energy flowing in turbulence. When a person suffers from deep fear, his kidney energy will be shaken from its foundation and energy will flow downward. The person may even show a loss of control of urination and excretion. When a person suffers from a prolonged Fear, it may hurt his kidney energy and sperm. He may show a symptom of skeletal sputum or nocturnal emission. Shock is sudden Fear. When a person is in shock, his mind has no anchor. His mind has no home to return to. His thought has no fixed direction. He will panic.

Deep and involved thinking will lead to energy flow in knots. It may bring damage to the Mind and the Spleen. Knotted Thinking starts from the spleen and solidifies in the heart. Thus Knotted Thinking will cause damage to the Mind and give rise to an irritated Temper. A person with Knotted Thinking will show signs of palpitations, forgetfulness, insomnia, and lots of dreams. He may also show signs of abdominal fullness, hemorrhoids and embolism.


Exacerbate existing illness

As practitioners of life cultivation, we observe that the third way unusual emotional fluctuations can affect our health is that it will exacerbate the illness conditions or make the illness rapidly worsen. Thus we always try to reduce intense emotional fluctuations so as to control our illness.

When we suffer from hypertension and run into a situation that irritates or angers us, our blood pressure will rise rapidly. Our liver will suddenly be filled with energy. It may then lead to dizziness, or we may even faint. We may suffer from a loss of speech. We may faint with half or our body paralyzed. Our eyes and mouth may be skewed.
Anger seems to be our number one enemy. We should avoid anger by all means, using Mustang Tuna Technique will ease our anger.

What can we do

As practitioners of mind cultivation, there are many ways for us to control our emotions so that we will not get sick from emotional imbalance.

We may seek relief from illness arising from the Seven Emotions by the Mustang Tuna Technique. There are several modalities for us to choose from. One of the modalities resorts to scriptures, be it Christianity or Buddhism or other religion or belief.

As practitioners of life cultivation, each of us has our own means to adapt to one that will help us to calm down our emotions so that our emotions will not kill us. You may give them a try to find the means that help you.

Some of us will resort to reading one of the buddhist scripture, The Heart Sutra. Sentences in the Scriptures swept through our minds like flowing water.


You are with the self-contained Bodhisattva. When you walk in the depths of the Bodhisattva, you can see that all five connotations are empty, relieving you from all hardship. For the Relics, the color is not different from emptiness, and emptiness is not different from the color. The color is emptiness. Emptiness is the color. Thinking and consciousness are similar……

The Heart Sutra

We finish reading the Scripture silently very quickly. After that, our mind will be silent. We will be angry no more. The mind will be calm. We will hear no noises around us. All the troubles, unhappiness, and resentment are gone. We will wear a smile on our face.

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