Nutritional Meal Plans for Heart and Brain


As practitioners of life cultivation, our objective is to live in such a way that we will grow old and die naturally, without illness. While we live, we want to live healthily, happily and actively, without resorting to medicine and surgical operations to prolong our lives.

As such, we pay special attention to the foods we eat daily. We try to prepare the foods we eat ourselves, so that we will use ingredients that are healthy for us. If we buy foods from other people, we really do not know for sure what they add to the foods. Right?

Here we present two weekly nutritional meal plans for seniors and those who are health-conscious. Of course, you may alter the plans to suit your own body constitution or taste. Look at these meals as a guide for those who are sensitive to heart and brain problems.


Weekly Meal Plan One

Breakfast: banana, soy milk, soup cabbage, mung bean cake, leek dumplings
Lunch: Watermelon, Corn Soup, Shredded Shrimp and Carrot, Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes, Fried Mushrooms with Pork Floss, Braised Lamb with Yuba, Brown Rice
Dinner: Green Pear, Seaweed Egg Soup, Broccoli Pork Slices, Bean Drum Stir-fried Green Peppers, Stir-fried Mustard Greens, Boiled Noodles

Breakfast: peaches, black rice porridge, mixed soybeans, marinated eggs, yam cakes
Lunch: Grapes, Pueraria lobata bone soup, fried fish balls with parsley, braised pork ribs with bitter melon, stuffed tofu with croquettes, stir-fried broccoli, corn rice
Dinner: Apples, vegetable soup, mixed peas, braised beef brisket with radish, fried tomato melon, rice

Breakfast: strawberries, soup noodles, steamed sweet potatoes, steamed buns, pork floss bread
Lunch: persimmon, red bean kale soup, fried pork with cloud ears, colorful potato shreds, boiled sea prawns, glutinous rice
Dinner: grapefruit, winter melon soup, cold shredded radish, horseshoe steamed meat pie, fried lotus root slices, rice

Breakfast: tomato, soy milk, rapeseed soup, sauerkraut, glutinous rice cake
Lunch: Sydney, seaweed lean meat soup, steamed sea bass with winter vegetables, fried dried radish, stuffed bitter gourd, fried lotus root, red rice
Dinner: star fruit, barley porridge, braised pork red with leeks, asparagus and chicken shreds, boiled corn on the cob, thick noodle buns

Breakfast: fresh orange, milk, dried radish, chocolate roll, sesame bread
Lunch: pineapple, mussels and hairy melon soup, steamed chicken with mushrooms, sliced green onion, yam lotus seeds, colorful shredded lettuce, boiled noodles
Dinner: green dates, mustard soup, mixed cucumbers, steamed quail in drum sauce, Chinese cabbage with garlic, rice

Breakfast: plums, red bean porridge, capers, horseshoe cake, fried rice noodles
Lunch: Strawberry, Fish Head Tofu Soup, Stir-fried Diced Pork with Cashew Nuts, Stir-fried Eel Slices with Celery, Marinated Suckling Pigeon, Stir-fried Chinese Kale, White Rice
Dinner: watermelon, tomato soup, soy stewed cucumber, kale stir-fried beef, fried sardines, rice

Breakfast: red dates, lean meat porridge, seaweed rolls, fried cabbage, corn tortillas
Lunch: Apples, vegetable soup, steamed catfish with bean drum, shredded pork with enoki mushroom, braised duck with winter melon, fried loofah, soup dumplings
Dinner: Banana, yam pork pine soup, longan steamed meat pie, hot and sour vegetables, green peas and corn, rice

Appendix: constant element table

Appendix: Table of Trace Elements

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Meal plans for heart and brain

Nutritional meal plans for people who are health-conscious and who wants to benefit their heart and brain. In addition, the article will contain information on constant elements and trace elements.


Stay tuned for the next episode: Foods for diabetes.

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