Mind Cultivation Four Sacred Ways

As practitioners of life cultivation, we know that mind cultivation takes precedence over life cultivation. In other words, take care of our heart and mind, our life will turn out to be better. Agree? Today we bring to you four ways to cultivate our mind. Hopefully, we will end up with a healthier mind andContinue reading “Mind Cultivation Four Sacred Ways”

Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra

As practitioners of Life Cultivation, we practice Mind Cultivation so that we will have a calm and peaceful mind. There are many ways to practice, and one of them is reciting the Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra. It may then relieve us from the internal injuries of the seven emotions. We often try it. You shouldContinue reading “Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra”

Nutritional Meal Plans for Heart and Brain

As practitioners of life cultivation, our objective is to live in such a way that we will grow old and die naturally, without illness. While we live, we want to live healthily, happily and actively, without resorting to medicine and surgical operations to prolong our lives. As such, we pay special attention to the foodsContinue reading “Nutritional Meal Plans for Heart and Brain”

Foods for Brain

There are certain foods that are rumored to be good for the brain. The believers feed their child with these particular foods, hoping that the child will be more intelligent and perform better in school. As practitioners of life cultivation, we hope that dementia will strike us later rather than sooner, so we also eatContinue reading “Foods for Brain”

Foods for Heart and Brain Part Two

Certain foods are good for our heart and brain. If we eat them constantly, they will help to maintain and repair our heart and brain. We have chosen more than a dozen foods that are good for the heart and brain, as explained below: Mutton Mutton is a newly discovered indispensable nutritious food. It isContinue reading “Foods for Heart and Brain Part Two”

Foods for Heart and Brain Part One

The number of people who die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the world exceeds twelve million every year. It is the number one killer and deserves our attention. We know that poor lifestyles (irregular activities, smoking, excessive drinking, emotional instability) and lack of a balanced nutritional diet are the main factors of this disease.Continue reading “Foods for Heart and Brain Part One”