Foods for Brain


There are certain foods that are rumored to be good for the brain. The believers feed their child with these particular foods, hoping that the child will be more intelligent and perform better in school.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we hope that dementia will strike us later rather than sooner, so we also eat these foods to improve our brain function.

No matter what you believe, try the foods. The foods are good in themselves, regardless of their brain function.


It is recommended that we eat fish more than twice a week, 50 grams each time, especially for DNA-rich fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel. It functions to strengthen the brain and prevent memory loss. Fish oil contains DNA, which is a very important component in nerve cell membranes. It can maintain the nerve conduction function and normal operation of the brain, help brain cells transport nutrients and clean up waste.


It is recommended that we consume 3-5 walnuts a day but not more because it contains high vegetable fat which may be harmful to blood circulation. Its function is to prevent arteriosclerosis, makes arterial thrombosis not easy to form, increases arterial elasticity, and expands blood vessels when it is necessary to increase blood flow.


It is a fruit in Spring and Summer. Otherwise, we may buy it in dried form called guiyuan. Guiyuan can be consumed as a snack or used in cooking. It is recommended that we consume it once a week. Its function is to replenish the mind, nourish blood and benefit the spleen.


It is a bird, in the same class as a chicken. It is recommended that we eat it once a week. It contains protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and has a good effect on maternal and elderly people. It is particularly suitable for mental workers, night shift workers, and neurasthenia.

Fungus (Flammulina)

It is recommended that we eat it once a week. It is easy to cook, easy to eat, and easy to digest. It is rich in nutrients. It helps with our health and longevity, lowers blood pressure, strengthens body immunity. It is especially suitable for the elderly.


It is recommended that we eat it once a week. When eating, do not wash off the mucus. The mucous protein contained in it functions to prevent fat deposits in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, and prevent atherosclerosis. It is especially suitable for the elderly people. It comes in different colors. Which color is best for you?

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