The Art of Tuna Breathing Variations


John: Before I leave the topic of Stage One of Energy Circulation, I want to touch on the posture of our body while lying in bed doing the exercise.

Mark: What is the correct posture?

John: We practitioners of life cultivation have our own preferences and inventions. One of my friends will curve his legs so that the heels of his feet will touch each other. He will stretch his arms above his head with his fingers intertwined. Then he will start to practice Mustang Tuna Technique Stage One.

Mark: What is the difference between this posture compared with straight tights and legs?

John: This posture essentially shortens the distance between circulation. You have to try it to feel it. In our practice, we try in order to learn and feel to improve.

Mark: I get it.

John: Once I have mastered Stage One of Energy Circulation for Rejuvenation of the body, I will practice Stage Two.

Mark: How long does it take to master Stage One of Mustang Tuna Technique?

John: For most practitioners of life cultivation, it takes at least one hundred days to master the technique. Some take six months.

Robin: How many stages are there?

John: Stage Two is simple. When I take in enough air to the abdomen, I swallow hard.

Robin: What do you swallow?

John: I swallow my own saliva.

Mark: Why do you do that?

Robin: I just try. My mouth is dry. I do not have enough saliva for me to swallow.

John: The act of deeply swallowing my saliva will strengthen my small back. It will straighten out my spinal cord at the position. It will chase away any back pain eventually.

Robin: Yes, I can feel that the act is pulling on my small back.

John: This is Stage Two of Energy Circulation for rejuvenation of my body.

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