Mustang Tuina Technique Qiyang


The Qiyang set of tuina, or massage applies to the whole body practiced in the morning so that we will feel energized the whole day.

Our mind and eye sights will be sharp. We will be able to read the fine prints on the food label. We will be able to pursue a game on our mobile phone.

Our hearing will be superb and we will hear the noise from the street even if we detest it. On the other hand, we can hear the birds chirping on tree tops.

Our taste of food will be excellent and we will feel hungry. Now there is no reason for us to skip our breakfast.

We will smell the fragrant flowers in the morning. Unfortunately we will also smell the stench from dog droppings.

Now let us move to learn about the practice of Qiyang, the awakening of the things that are positive. It is easy to practice. It takes only ten minutes per session. It will benefit our body and mind. We will waste no energy.

Here we go.


01 Massage of the eyes

  1. Rub your middle fingers together so that they become warm. It is easier to rub your palms together.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Apply your middle fingers to the lower portion of your eyes and move sideways, starting from the nose and moving to the outside. Massage eighteen times.
  4. Apply your middle fingers to the upper portion of your eyes and move sideways, starting from the nose and moving to the outside. Massage eighteen times.
  5. Apply sufficient force to massage the rim but not too strong to hurt the eye balls.
  6. Upon finishing, do not open your eyes just yet. Apply the thumbs to the temple of the head and make small circular movements thirty six times.
  7. Open your eyes after one minute.

It helps to increase blood and energy circulation surrounding the eyes. It tends to improve vision.

How do you breathe when you are doing this exercise?
If you forget, go to Mustang Tuna Technique to find the answers.

2 Massage of the ears

  1. Rub your palms until they are warm.
  2. Use your index finger and middle finger to hold the earlobe, pulling and rubbing upwards and downwards thirty six times.
  3. Upon finishing pulling, use the palms to cover the ears, fingers extending to the back of your head. Put your index finger on top of your middle finger and give them a twing for thirty six times. You will hear a sound inside your ears. If you do not hear any sound, that side of your ears has a hearing problem.

Alternatively, you may also cover your ears with your palms and push on your ears. As you push the air inside your ears, you will help a sound. Do this for thirty six times.

By the way, you should also clean the inside of your ears periodically. The building up of the wax inside your ears may reduce your hearing.

This practice will help to improve your hearing.


03 Massage of the nose

  1. Rub your palms until warm.
  2. Place the middle and index fingers along the sides of your nose. Move the fingers up and down along the nose ridge massaging the nose for thirty six times.
  3. Blow your nose. Blow the left side of your nose nine times. Then blow the right side of your nose nine times. At last, blow both sides of your nose one time forcefully. Clean the inside of your nose if needed.
  4. Remember the breathing technique.
  5. It helps to improve the smelling function of your nose.
  6. It also helps with any discomfort related to the nose such as sinus problems.

04 Massage of the mouth

  1. Rub your palms until warm.
  2. Use your right hand. Place the index finger above the upper lip and the middle finger below the lower lip. Move them left and right to massage eighteen times.
  3. Now use your left hand to do the same thing eighteen times.
  4. Upon finishing, close your mouth to line up the teeth. Move the jaw up and down so that your rows of teeth touch against each other. Do it thirty six times.
  5. It helps to firm up the teeth.
  6. You still have to do regular tooth brushing and use mouthwash to keep your mouth clean to prevent tooth decay.


05 Massage of the face

  1. Rub your palms until warm.
  2. Place your palms and fingers on each side of the face, fingers pointing to the inside. Move the hands up and down rubbing the face thirty six times.
  3. Alternatively, you may use a hand towel to rub your face instead of your palms. We prefer the palms because it exercises the palms at the same time.
  4. It will increase blood circulation. It will get rid of capillary waste. It will reduce wrinkles. It will prevent the growth of pimples and freckles.

The remaining topics are massage of the neck, massage of the chest, massage of the hands, massage of the waist, massage of the legs and feet, and massage of the scalp. To read the full article, subscribe to our Mustang BodyWorks Infoletter series.

If you do it everyday, once in the morning and once in the evening, you will reap certain benefits. It will increase your blood circulation. It will beautify your face. It will reduce freckles. It will increase your energy circulation with active muscles and bones. You will become more fit.

Do it in a relaxed mood. Do not think about things to be finished. Do not think random thoughts. Think about it as the only thing that is worth doing at that moment. Do it with focus. Then you will reap the intended benefits.

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