Mustang Tuina Technique Qiyang

The Qiyang set of tuina, or massage applies to the whole body practiced in the morning so that we will feel energized the whole day. Our mind and eye sights will be sharp. We will be able to read the fine prints on the food label. We will be able to pursue a game onContinue reading “Mustang Tuina Technique Qiyang”

The Art of Life Cultivation Part Nine

Life cultivation differences between men and women As practitioners of life cultivation, we observe that there are some differences between men and women in their practice. However, they emphasize different aspects of the practice, not a fundamental difference.For example, we recognize that men emphasize kidney essence and women focus on vital energy and blood. Why?Continue reading “The Art of Life Cultivation Part Nine”

The TCM Classification of Body Constitution Type

In our practice of life cultivation, we usually follow the standard classification of body constitution into nine types. It is now a standard and popular practice. We use this classification for ease of discussion in our life cultivation practice. We also use the classification when we do body maintenance and repair on a daily basis.Continue reading “The TCM Classification of Body Constitution Type”

The Art of Life Cultivation Part Five

Although our mind and spirit is supreme to our body, without a body as a container, our mind and spirit has no home to go to. Therefore, we have to do body cultivation to keep our body young and healthy in order for our spirit to soar. Mustang Tuna Technique will give us a newContinue reading “The Art of Life Cultivation Part Five”

General Advice on Food

The renowned Physician Li Shizhen of Ming Dynasty, mentor of life cultivation, said that foods and drinks are the lifeblood of people. Thus we have to have foods and drinks for our survival. On the other hand, there is a summary report in modern medicine, that 80% of chronic unhealthy conditions (obesity, high blood pressure,Continue reading “General Advice on Food”

Timeline of Health Activities 02

The timeline of activities of each organ in our body are predetermined. Once we have decoded their activities, we are well on our way to easily maintain and repair our body organs. The secret of health is hidden in our body. There are twelve months in a year, and twenty four hours in a day.Continue reading “Timeline of Health Activities 02”

The Art of Life Cultivation 04

In our practice of life cultivation, we divide the practice into mind cultivation and body cultivation. As practitioners of life cultivation, we regard the practice of mind cultivation as the most important aspect of life cultivation. In fact, mind cultivation comes before body cultivation in our practice. In practice, we try to cultivate a peacefulContinue reading “The Art of Life Cultivation 04”

The Art of Life Cultivation 03

The basic principles include the concept of human and nature are one, that we should live with nature in harmony. We trust that the human body observes the rules of self-preservation and self-healing. Therefore, we should learn the art of self-checking and self-diagnosis. We should learn how our body parts work as a whole andContinue reading “The Art of Life Cultivation 03”

Life Cultivation Summarized

Once you master the life cultivation subject matters outlined here, you will live to be one hundred years old without illness. Life cultivation is a big and complex subject. We will try to cover only very basic subject matters in a very simplified form. We will cover the following symptoms associated with the associated partsContinue reading “Life Cultivation Summarized”