The Art of Life Cultivation Part Five


Although our mind and spirit is supreme to our body, without a body as a container, our mind and spirit has no home to go to. Therefore, we have to do body cultivation to keep our body young and healthy in order for our spirit to soar.

Mustang Tuna Technique will give us a new and fundamental block for a healthy body. Then we depend on Mustang Tuina Technique to keep our body young. Then we use Mustang Shenzhan Technique to keep our body fit. We even have a technique that helps us to rejuvenate our body so that we will be young forever.

We need food as a source of nutrients. Nutrients will give us a strong vital energy, which in turn will lead to a strong spirit. Mustang Dietary Technique offers several ways for us to get the right nutrients the right way at the right time.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we generally emphasize on two ways to do our body cultivation. One, they include the right foods to yield the right nutrients for body nourishment. Two, they include the right stretching exercises to keep our body fit.


Foods and beyond

As practitioners of life cultivation, we know that according to the principle of mutuality, clean food and dirty food will attract each other and combine with each other. Therefore, when we eat new and fresh food, they naturally will be combined with old and dirty food that are already inside the body. Hence, we must make an effort for them to be excreted from the body as body waste as soon as possible. That is, poop when necessary. Do not wait.

There are two sources of old and dirty food. First, we may have inadvertently taken in food that is old and dirty in the first place. Second, we may have taken in too much food. Our body cannot digest and absorb the excess food, thus they become old and dirty food that needs to be excreted from the body.

Thus we should not eat or drink excessively. We should not eat when we are not hungry. We should not overeat when our body weight has increased. We should not overeat when our waistline keeps on increasing. We should not overeat when we cannot sleep well.

If we control the amount of food that we eat daily, we will have a healthier body. We will have gained the upper hand in our struggle against the aging process. This is very important in our life cultivation practice. This is also what we can do easily.

We practice the Mustang Dietary Technique on a daily basis. We focus on

  • Food and body constitution
  • Food and compatibility
  • Food for the old-aged
  • Food and high blood pressure
  • Food and diabetes
  • More

Fitness exercise

The practice of Mustang Tuna Technique will set up our breathing in the most efficient way and increase our supply of oxygen which will improve our blood and vital energy.

The practice of Mustang Shenzhan Technique will activate and coordinate our body parts. It will repair our internal organs.

The practice of Mustang Tuina Technique will help with the flow of energy, making us healthy.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we know that vigorous exercise will increase our heart beats. This in itself may not be a good thing for old-aged people although it does improve our vital energy circulation. Thus we tend to do walking which will improve our latent energy. Latent energy is the mother of vital energy circulation. Vital energy flow is a manifestation of latent energy.

When we are short on vital energy, we should not try to add energy blindly. Otherwise, it may hurt our body health.

We are aware of two limitations on exercise. We should not exercise when we are in a low energy state. Also, we should not exercise in a dirty environment.

We will perform exercise to achieve two goals. One is to increase the speed of blood and vital energy circulation, and to improve the excretion of wastes from the body. The other is to open up skin pores to absorb vital energy essence from Nature.

When we are short of energy, we should first try to increase our blood. Blood is the mother of energy. Imagine a human body being a ceramic urn. If we keep on burning the dry urn on a stove, it will eventually crack. Similarly, internal organs will be hurt.

On the other hand, if the shortage of energy is due to a blocked circulation, then we should try to increase the speed of vital energy circulation. Eventually we will achieve the goal of adding blood and energy together.


Call to Action Summary


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