Foods for Old-aged


As practitioners of life cultivation, most of us are of old-aged, aged 45 to 90. Compared with younger people, we eat more or less the same foods. Generally we have not changed our foods or eating habits since we were young.

As we age, the change is on how we should eat, not what we should eat. We pay special attention to the following:

Diversified Foods

We will eat fat and oil, salt, dairy milk and milk products, beans and nuts, beef, pork or chicken, fish and shrimp, eggs, vegetables, fruits and water.

However, we do pay special attention to our body constitution. We will eat corrective foods to make micro-adjustment to our body to bring it back to homeostasis.

High quality food

We will eat naturally raised food or certified organic food. We will not try to eat one pound of beef steak in one meal, but we will eat six ounces of naturally raised beef steak instead.

We will eat more fruits and vegetables instead of meat and eggs, but we do not have to go over and become a vegetarian.

Abundant Vegetables

We will eat more than one and a half-pound of fruits and vegetables a day. We will not eat snacks, especially those loaded with sugar.

We prefer to cook our vegetables instead of eating them raw.

Plenty of Fruits

We will eat more than one and a half-pound of fruits and vegetables a day. We eat fruits and vegetables in season. For example, we eat apples in the Fall, and tangerines in Spring. We eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned or frozen.

Most of the fruits we eat raw and we extract needed vitamins from them. We try to shy away from fruits that are exotic and extreme such as durian.

Less Foods

We eat less food than before. We will eat only 70% of our stomach capacity. We will control the amount of food we eat by portioning if we cannot control it by feeling.

We do not save money by eating all the food presented to us. We save money by preparing less at home or ordering less in a restaurant.

Alluring Cooking

We will prepare our food at home instead of eat-out. Eating out is a treat, not a normal operation. It is considered to be a form of entertainment saved for special occasions.

When we cook for ourselves, we want to make them smell nice so that we eat our food with a happy and peaceful mind.

Soft and Moist Foods

We want our food to be soft and moist. It will reduce our effort to bite and chew our food while eating. It will also help with digestion in our stomach. This is especially true with false-teeth.

Many foods can be prepared in a soup form. It is nice and easy to cook a seafood soup by boiling seafood and vegetables in a pot. If more starch is needed, eat the soup with bread.

Hot Foods

We will eat our food hot. We do not eat food out of the refrigerator. We will heat up the food on the stove-top or with a microwave oven.

If we have left-over food, we will eat it the next day. We will heat up the food and eat it. We will throw away the food if it cannot be consumed the next day.

Eat slowly chew more often

We will eat the food slowly and chew them more often. We will chew them like 25 times before we swallow them. We do not talk while we eat.

It will help to maintain our teeth. Mind you, our teeth are not as good as before. Chewing them slowly will help. Also, the longer the food stays in our mouth, the easier it will be digested in our stomach.

Light Seasoning

We use less salt (low sodium) in our cooking. We may use spice to liven up the dishes, but we use less and less to sooth our stomach and to aid in our digestion.

Like a dish that is hot and spicy? Yes, you still can enjoy it, but do it sparsely. Otherwise, the hotness will be felt on pooping too.

What did we accomplished

As senior practitioners of life cultivation, we pay special attention to our foods and eating, and we would have accomplished the following:

Raise quality of life

Instead of going for a large quantity of food such as a double-deck burger, we go for quality such as angus beef burger. By and by we raise our standard of food, and gradually we raise the quality of our life.

Fortify our body constitution

As we age, our body condition will deteriorate. Thus we practice life cultivation to bring our body constitution back to a balanced state. We will make it stronger so that we will be healthier. We will live without pain, without illness, and die naturally.

Know nutrients of foods

Basically the food we eat provides nutrients needed for the nourishment of our body. The nutrients will power our body activities. Thus we need to know very well the nutrients we get from the food we eat.

When we were young, we could squander our resources because we had plenty of them. By the time we become old, we have fewer and fewer resources and we cannot afford to waste them. Therefore, know thy food.

Practice what we know

Knowing the nutrients of each food we eat is only the first step. Knowing alone does not do us any good. Knowing how to play tennis is not good enough, we have to go to the court to practice and to play.

Thus, when we prepare food for ourselves, remember to put it into practice. The food we bring to our table should be of high quality, alluring, and nutritious. That will make us strong and healthy once again.

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