Mind Cultivation Practice


As practitioners of life cultivation, we devote a lot of time to mind cultivation. Why? Mental or emotional balance is a cornerstone of health. It is right there along with a balanced diet. We cannot ignore it.

Once we achieve a balanced mind, we will live to longevity with a healthy physical body. We will live an active, carefree, happy and healthy life. We will be away from medication, hospital, and surgery. We will live in dignity and grace. Plus, we will save money in the form of medical expenses.

We cultivate our mind from several angles.


We practice mind cultivation with physical works to strengthen our heart, the internal organ. With a strong heart, our blood circulation and vital energy circulation will be normal, and we will prevent many illnesses related to our heart and lungs.

We prefer to do housework around the house to achieve the objective. Otherwise, we may do fitness exercises with the help of Mustang Shenzhan Technique. We may also strive to increase our latent energy with the help of Mustang Tuna Technique.

Emotional Balance

In our daily life, we have many encounters that will upset us. As practitioners of mind cultivation, we will strive to get rid of all the bad emotions so that we will be in a good mood.

The practice of Mustang Tuna Technique, Mustang Jingzuo Technique and Mustang Ruding Technique will definitely lead to mental balance.

Simple Life

As practitioners of mind cultivation, we will strive to live a simple life so that our mind is not clustered like an unorganized closet or a filing cabinet. The less worldly matters that we have to attend to, the more peaceful our mind will be.

We can easily achieve this with the help of Mustang Jingzuo Technique and Mustang Ruding Technique.

Live with Nature

As practitioners of mind cultivation, we strive to live with Nature. Some of us believe in God, so be it. No matter what we believe in, we will have a peaceful mind.

As practitioners of life cultivation, some of us live an isolated life, as a hermit, away from the hustles of the world. Most of us, however, live with other people. Those will strive to live in harmony with other people for longevity.

Several Mustang Cultivation Techniques will help with this objective.


As we live in the real world, some of us are very involved with the material world with all its competition and power grabbing. Even practitioners of life cultivation like us cannot escape from this fact. However, we are very careful to maintain a high moral ground. This will help us in our practice to achieve longevity.

We will employ several Mustang Cultivation Techniques to help us to stand on high moral ground. We will not be dragged into the underground sewers even if we are politicians.

Those Nice Foods

Last but not least, let us not forget those nice foods. Foods will give us a healthy body, but it is also very important in mind cultivation.

Mustang Dietary Technique will help with this objective. Hooray, the practice of life cultivation does not dictate us to give up nice foods. Let us practice together.

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Stay tuned for the next episode: Let us get Physical.

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