Nutritional Meal Plans for Heart and Brain

As practitioners of life cultivation, our objective is to live in such a way that we will grow old and die naturally, without illness. While we live, we want to live healthily, happily and actively, without resorting to medicine and surgical operations to prolong our lives. As such, we pay special attention to the foodsContinue reading “Nutritional Meal Plans for Heart and Brain”

Foods for Brain

There are certain foods that are rumored to be good for the brain. The believers feed their child with these particular foods, hoping that the child will be more intelligent and perform better in school. As practitioners of life cultivation, we hope that dementia will strike us later rather than sooner, so we also eatContinue reading “Foods for Brain”

Foods for Heart and Brain Part Two

Certain foods are good for our heart and brain. If we eat them constantly, they will help to maintain and repair our heart and brain. We have chosen more than a dozen foods that are good for the heart and brain, as explained below: Mutton Mutton is a newly discovered indispensable nutritious food. It isContinue reading “Foods for Heart and Brain Part Two”

Foods for Heart and Brain Part One

The number of people who die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the world exceeds twelve million every year. It is the number one killer and deserves our attention. We know that poor lifestyles (irregular activities, smoking, excessive drinking, emotional instability) and lack of a balanced nutritional diet are the main factors of this disease.Continue reading “Foods for Heart and Brain Part One”

Foods for Hair

Hair is one of the important symbols of a person’s health and beauty. Who doesn’t want to have shiny hair´╝čHowever, alopecia has dashed many people’s good wishes. It causes a great impact on the image, the psychology and physical health of a person with alopecia. We need to know the cause of alopecia to findContinue reading “Foods for Hair”

Foods to Improve our Vision

As we age from forty-four years old, our vision will deteriorate. As practitioners of life cultivation, we infer that our kidneys are performing below par, and that we do not have sufficient blood and nutrients to reach our eyes. Thus we must be careful on what we eat to prevent further vision problems. This isContinue reading “Foods to Improve our Vision”

The Art of Life Cultivation Part Five

Although our mind and spirit is supreme to our body, without a body as a container, our mind and spirit has no home to go to. Therefore, we have to do body cultivation to keep our body young and healthy in order for our spirit to soar. Mustang Tuna Technique will give us a newContinue reading “The Art of Life Cultivation Part Five”

Foods for Old-aged

As practitioners of life cultivation, most of us are of old-aged, aged 45 to 90. Compared with younger people, we eat more or less the same foods. Generally we have not changed our foods or eating habits since we were young. As we age, the change is on how we should eat, not what weContinue reading “Foods for Old-aged”

What Foods for Whom

The human body will age no matter how hard we try to do life cultivation. We just hope that our body will age slowly. We hope that we will feel and look like sixty at age eighty. What kind of nutrition does the human body need? Why does the human body age? Foods to beautifyContinue reading “What Foods for Whom”