Repair Damaged Organs


As practitioners of Life Cultivation, we practice The Mustang Tuna Technique on several levels for different purposes. We cover the practice of the Mustang Tuna Technique Level One for the maintenance of our body condition in a previous article. In this article here, we will discuss the practice of the Mustang Tuna Technique Level Two for the repair of damaged organs.

As practitioners of life cultivation, our objective is to live a life without illness. In order to do that, we practice the Mustang Tuna Technique Level One to do regular maintenance of our body.

However, doing regular maintenance of our body is not sufficient for our body because some of our organs may be damaged. In this case, we need to practice the Mustang Tuna Technique level Two to help to control our mind so as to control our energy circulation so as to repair damaged organs, so that our body will be strong and healthy once again.

Our organs may be damaged due to aging. The Mustang Tuna Technique as used here will help us to rejuvenate our organs so that the organs will remain young and healthy. In some cases, the aging process reverses itself, and the organs will improve with the practice of the Mustang Tuna Technique.

In addition, the organs may be damaged due to outside force. If we are in a car accident, we may suffer internal injury, and one or more organs may be damaged. If we are in a fight, we may also suffer from internal injury if we are hit with blunt instruments with sufficient force.

In most cases, we receive treatments at a hospital to recover from the damage. In some cases, if hospital treatment is not readily available, we will be forced to use the Mustang Tuna Technique to treat ourselves.

In some cases, if the damage is minor, we may recover from the damage easily using the Mustang Tuna Technique. If the damage is major, we may never fully recover. We said we are left with a root of illness in our body, and it will return to haunt us in the future. It is best to do a full recovery as soon as possible.

Mustang Tuna Technique Level Two


The Procedure

Lie in bed flatly. You may use a yoga mat instead of the bed.

Exhale slowly until you get all the air out of your lungs.

Inhale air slowly in nine pieces of cloud and count from one to nine while you are doing that. With each count you inhale one of the clouds.

Then swallow your saliva hard until the action straightens the bone at the small back. You will feel the stiffness of your small back bone.

You then perform a levator anus to hold back urine exercise (L-A-U action).

Then you hold your breath while you count from one to nine. While you are holding and counting your breath, what do you do with your breath? One option is for you to hold the breath without moving the air. Another option is for you to move the air to another part of your body while holding your breath.

The comment

You should have practiced the Mustang Tuna Technique Level One for at least one hundred days before you attempt to practice Level Two.

The chief difference between Level One and Level Two is the addition of Hold and L-A-U action in Level Two.

While we are holding our breath, we may hold it in a stationary way, or we may move it around, depending on what we intend to do with the practice.

The Mustang Tuna Technique is a very unique way of deep breathing. We use this technique to get rid of toxins inside our body. Thus, it will help to reduce fatigue, keep us refreshed, adjust our energy circulation, and adjust our internal organs, etc.

If we practice the Tuna Technique for five minutes a day, it will reap the same benefits of jogging for thirty minutes. Thus, if we persist in doing the Tuna Technique on a daily basis, we will benefit from our routine, and we will adjust our body constitution to its best.

The Mustang Tuna Technique is part of the Vital Energy Technique, and it is fundamental to all our techniques for improving our vital energy circulation system.


The Control

When we are performing a sexual act, and we feel that we are at a state of ejaculation, what do we do to prevent it from happening? Some practitioners will answer that they do not try to prevent it from happening because that is the ultimate joy of a sexual act. Is it not?

However, what if we want to prolong the joy of sexual intercourse with someone we love, and we do not want to ejaculate right away. What do we do? What can we do? Some practitioners will answer that we can take the instrument out to cool it, but that really defeats the purpose. Is it not?

Let us look at another situation. When we feel that we have the urge to poop, but we are not even close to a toilet, what do we do? That is easy. We will just tighten the anal. We will do an anal contraction. If we want to hold our piss for a short period, we will do the same with the pissing pistol.

Thus as practitioners of life cultivation, we have learned to control the movement of our body parts and control at least some movements and activities. With consistent practice, we will be able to control almost all parts of our body. This is the start of a whole new ball game. Our mind can control our body.

If we have a headache, we can control it just like we control pooping and urination, right? We can do something to make the headache go away, right?

If you believe it and you practice with us using the Mustang Tuna Technique, you will wish away your headache. If you do not believe it can be done, you will turn over the pages. Then, of course you are right. You cannot wish away your headache and it will be with you.

Some people suffer from back pain. It is even easier to get rid of back pain because it is closer to the source of mind control. Do you want to do it?

The Applications

In general, we, as practitioners of life cultivation, find that the practice of the Mustang Tuna Technique Level II will benefit the following parts of our body.

Back pain
Covid-19 lungs

Each application will be explained in detail with reference to the healing of each organ or part or situation in other articles.

First of all, it starts from nutrients that we obtain from foods we eat daily. Once we consume the foods, they go through a process called digestion, the end result of digestion is to produce nutrients that our body can use.

No matter what kind of nutrients we call them, they will be absorbed and converted into energy to nourish our body organs and to provide energy for our activities. In order for our body to remain healthy, we need to circulate the energy that we gain from the nutrients.

Energy circulation is automated. The Mustang Tuna Technique merely helps to regulate our energy circulation.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we know that as long as we attain three activities well, we will be comfortable and content. We try to eat well, sleep well, and poop well. Once we attain these three wellness, we are on our way to have a healthy, happy, and active life for one hundred years.

So let us see how the Mustang Tuna Technique will help us to attain the three wellness benefits. Let us start with easy daily routines.

When we wake up in the morning, we go to the toilet to detox our body, getting rid of all the waste from yesterday and before. If we have a constipation problem, we would have fixed it long ago. Refer to Mustang Body Cultivation to see how to do it.

Then we perform the daily Qiyang Technique. Refer to the Mustang Tuina Technique for information on how to do it if you are interested.

Then we go back to bed, and perform our daily energy circulation exercise. For the weak seniors, they may perform the exercise lying flat on the bed. For people who have a stronger energy level, they may perform it sitting or standing, or moving around. Each person will find the exercise that fits his energy level and performs it daily.

How long should the exercise be?

We perform it to fit our energy level. On the day we are weak, you perform less time. On the day we are on par, we may practice for about fifteen to thirty minutes. Each person will have to find his own pace.

Do we exercise only once a day, early in the morning?

Call to Action Summary


Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

This is an extract of the full treatise published in the Mustang BodyWorks Series, a paid-subscription. You may buy the full treatise on Mustang Tuna Technique Level One for the price of US$20.00, using your PayPal account.

Treatise on Mustang Tuna Technique

Learn Mustang Tuna Technique for overall wellness of your body and mind.


Stay tuned for the next episode: Building Health Foundation.

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