Mustang Jingzuo Technique Basics


How to meditate

The Mustang Jingzuo Technique is our proprietary form of meditation that has been modified for our life cultivation practice. You can learn it easily. You will manage it by daily practice. It is as easy as one two three.

The purpose of the Mustang Jingzuo Technique is to concentrate and relax the mind, and finally achieve a clearer control of our self-consciousness and calmness in our mind. Contrary to popular belief, you can practice our technique anywhere, anytime, no matter how noisy around you, and you can get peace and peace of yourself. This article will introduce you to the basics of meditation and lead you to this self-enlightenment.



Although we can practice Mustang Jingzuo Technique in any form anywhere, it is best for a beginner to choose a quiet environment to start the process. If you perform Meditation in a quiet and peaceful place, you will be able to concentrate on meditation without being disturbed by external factors. Whether you want to meditate for five minutes or half an hour, find a place where you won’t be disturbed during meditation. This place doesn’t have to be big, a cloakroom or your office is a good choice, but make sure it’s a completely private space during your meditation.

For beginners, avoiding external interference is especially important. Turn off your TV, cell phone, and other devices that may make noise. If you want to listen to music, then choose quiet, soft, and repetitive music to ensure your concentration.

A cheap way is to unscrew the faucet a little. The continuous flow of water can calm you down.

One thing you need to understand is that meditation does not require a completely silent environment, so you do not have to wear earplugs. The roar of the mower outside and the barks of the dog next door will not prevent the meditation from proceeding effectively. In fact, being aware of these noises and learning to ignore them and focus on meditation is an important part of successful meditation.


For many people, meditation outdoors is a good choice, as long as you don’t sit on a busy street or in other extremely noisy places. You can choose to sit under a tree or on your favorite lawn in the garden.
Wear comfortable clothes. One of the purposes of meditation is to smother foreign objects, calm the mind, and tight clothes will only make you feel uncomfortable. It is best to meditate in loose clothing and remember to take off your shoes.

If the weather is rather cold, then wear a sweater or cardigan. If the clothes are not warm enough, the idea of coldness will bug you. It will exhaust you. Then you will have to interrupt your meditation.

If you are in the office or other inconvenient place for dressing, then make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Take off your shoes and suit, unbutton the shirt collar, and loosen the belt.

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