Mustang Tuina Technique General


The Mustang Tuina Technique is equivalent to the Western Massage Technique, but more.

Here, as practitioners of life cultivation, we group together some particular techniques that are useful to our practice, and we call them Mustang Tuina Technique. It is not one particular technique, but a set of external application techniques that we group together based on their functions.

This set of techniques will include external treatment techniques such as
Acupressure massage technique
Acupuncture technique
Moxibustion technique
Cupping technique
Scraping technique
Meridian protocol
Paida and Lajin technique
knocking the gallbladder meridian technique
Rubbing abdomen technique
Ear acupoints technique
Bone setting technique
And many others

We, as practitioners of life cultivation, do not employ all of the above techniques for our health. In fact, we need to visit the professional technicians to use some of the techniques.

Instead, we usually employ some of the techniques that we can learn and apply to ourselves. The one we use the most often is the acupressure massage technique for regular body maintenance. Sometimes we use it to treat our body discomfort. Therefore, we talk about using this technique in many places when we think it is beneficial for us to use it.

Techniques such as taichi, zhanzhuang, wind pendulum willow and similar techniques are classified by us under Mustang Shenzhan Technique. We employ these techniques for body fitness.

Techniques such as meditation are classified by us under Mustang Jingzuo Technique and Mustang Ruding Technique. We employ these techniques for mind cultivation, for the benefits of the mind and emotion.

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