Massage Lungs and Large Intestine

As practitioners of Life Cultivation, we understand that once our breath is smooth, we will feel comfortable throughout. Therefore, let us talk about how we can take good care of our lungs and large intestine. Inside our body, our lungs and intestine are shaped like an ancient couple living together in the large intestine house.Continue reading “Massage Lungs and Large Intestine”

Dantian Breathing Technique

As practitioners of Life Cultivation, all of us will learn and practice one form or other of The Tuna Technique. The Tuna Technique is a form of deep breathing, but it is very different from regular deep breathing, and the benefits to us are vastly increased. The Tuna Technique comes in different forms. One ofContinue reading “Dantian Breathing Technique”

Foods for Hair Loss

Hair loss (alopecia) can affect just our scalp or our entire body, and it can be temporary or permanent. It can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or a normal part of aging. Anyone can lose hair on their head, but it’s more common in men. Baldness typically refers to excessive hairContinue reading “Foods for Hair Loss”

Mind Cultivation Part One

For life cultivation practitioners like us, mind cultivation is broadly interpreted to be the preservation of the heart and its extension, the mind. Besides the physical organ, the heart, we also strive to have a mentally balanced mind. Once we are mentally balanced, we will have good functioning internal organs, our vital energy and bloodContinue reading “Mind Cultivation Part One”

Health of our Spleen

As practitioners of life cultivation, we use the inner vision technique to feel our inner organs to find out if they are abnormal physiologically or functionally. Once we find the organ that is going bad, we can then try to return it to normal operation as soon as possible, using the various Mustang Cultivation Techniques.Continue reading “Health of our Spleen”

Origins of illness Part One

As practitioners of Life Cultivation, most of us will have read Huangdi Neijing, or The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, a book published more than a thousand years ago. It offers the most authoritative knowledge on herbal medicine, Life Cultivation, and Life Wellness. The Neijing is one of the most important classics of Taoism, asContinue reading “Origins of illness Part One”

Adjusting Type C Body Constitution

As practitioners of life cultivation, we like to adjust our body so that our body is in perfect balance and we are in perfect health. The Type A constitution is referred to as the Pinghe Type, or the Neutral and Balanced type. This type of body constitution is the perfectly healthy body. All other typesContinue reading “Adjusting Type C Body Constitution”

Mustang 8-brocade rejuvenates your body Part Five

The Mustang Shenzhan Technique is a series of stretching exercises for the maintenance and repair of our physical body. The Mustang 8-brocade Technique is just one of a suite of modalities of the Mustang Shenzhan Technique.It is a basic technique which is easy to learn and practice. As practitioners of life cultivation, we engage inContinue reading “Mustang 8-brocade rejuvenates your body Part Five”

Ruding Practice II

As practitioners of life cultivation, we practice the Mustang Tuna (deep breathing) Technique and the Mustang Jingzuo Technique (meditation) on a daily basis. Very few of us will go on and practice the Mustang Ruding (Fixation or tranquility) Technique. The Mustang Ruding Technique is a more advanced form of the Jingzuo Technique. The word RudingContinue reading “Ruding Practice II”

Fundamental Jingzuo Technique III

Some beginners of Life Cultivation practice think Jingzuo is a very mysterious matter. Yet Jingzuo is only a form of meditation involving sitting. Once we learn and practice it, we will start to love it because it makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. It is simple and fun to get into it. Let us getContinue reading “Fundamental Jingzuo Technique III”