Guide to Daily Activities

As practitioners of life cultivation, we observe strict rules in eating and resting so that we will live healthier and happier lives. As we have mentioned before, our body constitution is partly determined by hereditary factors. There is not much we can do about it. On the other hand, our body constitution is also determinedContinue reading “Guide to Daily Activities”

Mustang Shenzhan Technique Modalities

Mustang Shenzhan Technique is a set of stretching exercises specifically designed for life cultivation practitioners like us. It is mainly for the maintenance and repair of our body. It is highly recommended that it be used in conjunction with other Mustang Cultivation Techniques. What are the best stretching exercises for us to improve daily life?Continue reading “Mustang Shenzhan Technique Modalities”

Best Time for Activities

As practitioners of life cultivation, we pay more and more attention to our daily routines on doing ordinary chores. We know there are certain times to do certain activities to yield maximum results. Moreover, we deliberately incorporate certain ordinary activities such as house cleaning and dish washing into our life cultivation practice. Do you knowContinue reading “Best Time for Activities”

What Foods for Whom

The human body will age no matter how hard we try to do life cultivation. We just hope that our body will age slowly. We hope that we will feel and look like sixty at age eighty. What kind of nutrition does the human body need? Why does the human body age? Foods to beautifyContinue reading “What Foods for Whom”

Classification of Body Constitution

Classification of body constitution helps to return your body to its prime condition. Once upon a time, your body was at its prime condition, a body that is in perfect balance, or in homeostasis. It may be the time you play football in high school. It may be the time you play basketball in college.Continue reading “Classification of Body Constitution”

General Advice on Food

The renowned Physician Li Shizhen of Ming Dynasty, mentor of life cultivation, said that foods and drinks are the lifeblood of people. Thus we have to have foods and drinks for our survival. On the other hand, there is a summary report in modern medicine, that 80% of chronic unhealthy conditions (obesity, high blood pressure,Continue reading “General Advice on Food”

Timeline of Health Activities 02

The timeline of activities of each organ in our body are predetermined. Once we have decoded their activities, we are well on our way to easily maintain and repair our body organs. The secret of health is hidden in our body. There are twelve months in a year, and twenty four hours in a day.Continue reading “Timeline of Health Activities 02”

The Art of Life Cultivation 04

In our practice of life cultivation, we divide the practice into mind cultivation and body cultivation. As practitioners of life cultivation, we regard the practice of mind cultivation as the most important aspect of life cultivation. In fact, mind cultivation comes before body cultivation in our practice. In practice, we try to cultivate a peacefulContinue reading “The Art of Life Cultivation 04”