Soups for Moisturization


As practitioners of life cultivation, we like to eat foods in the form of soup or stew. Foods in these forms are easy to digest and absorb and that is good for older people like us.

We hereby offer some soup or stew that are easy to make and offer certain benefits to maintain our body health. We classify them into soup that is beneficial to our blood, soup that is beneficial to our stomach, soup that is beneficial to our kidneys, soup that is beneficial to our lungs, and soup that will calm our mind.

These soups tend to help to moisturize our body and skin. Thus it is especially beneficial for us to eat in Autumn and Winter when the air is dry.

02 Soup beneficial to the Stomach

Mutton with herbs stew

A stew made of 500 grams of mutton, 3 pieces of ginger, 15 grams of cyperus officinalis (xiangfu) , 5 grams of xiangsha Ren, salt and MSG. Cook for sixty minutes. Reputed to ease stomach indigestion.

Pork ribs with potatoes stew

A stew made of 650 grams of pork ribs, 50 grams of dried squid, 500 grams of potatoes, 25 grams of tomatoes, 150 grams of carrots, salt and MSG. Cook for thirty minutes. Reputed to invigorate the blood and vital-energy, increase appetite and reduce fat.

Pork stomach with ginkgo stew

A stew made of one pork stomach, 50 grams of ginkgo, 50 grams of yuba, 50 grams of mussels, 6 pieces of figs, salt and MSG. Cook for sixty minutes. Reputed to nourish the yin-energy, strengthen the stomach, and replenish the deficiency of energy.

Gold hidden under the sea stew

A stew made of 250 grams of pork ribs, 100 grams of enoki mushroom (flammulina velutipes) , 50 grams of vermicelli, salt and MSA. Cook for sixty minutes. Reputed to warm up the stomach, increase the appetite, and refresh the energy.

Chicken feet with mushroom soup

A soup made of 10 pieces of chicken feet, 50 grams of dried mushrooms, ginger, salt and MSG. Cook for sixty minutes. Reputed to moisturize the body, fortify the yin-energy, increase the appetite and produce more fluid.

Tips for making soup

01 Place ingredients in cold water instead of boiling water. Put all ingredients in at the same time.

02 Bring water to high boil, and then reduce heat to simmer.

03 Do not add water or skim oil in the middle of cooking.

04 Season with salt and MSG when ready to serve.

05 Cook for a long time (usually sixty minutes or more)

06 It is best to use a porcelain pot for making soup and stew.

Call to Action


Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

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Stay tuned for the next episode: More Soups

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