Foods for Presbyopia


From the age of forty-four, a person’s vision begins to gradually decline. The inability to do delicate work and the inability to read and write can bring a lot of inconvenience to the middle-aged and elderly. We call this normal aging phenomenon presbyopia.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we know from nutrition science that the imbalance of trace elements in the human body, especially the lack of vitamin A (fat-soluble, water-soluble), lutein and zeaxanthin will cause presbyopia. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that presbyopia is caused by the loss of kidney water and the lack of essence and blood.

Therefore, the prevention of eye diseases in the elderly should start with eating. Paying attention to a nutritious diet is the most fundamental and most important thing for us to do in order to prevent presbyopia.

We understand that the nutritious diet for presbyopia should be based on a light diet, mainly beans and soy products, fruits and vegetables, and avoiding high-fat (especially animal fat) and high-fried foods.

We should appropriately increase the amount of animal liver in our diet, because chicken liver, lamb liver, beef liver, and pork liver have the highest vitamin A content in food. Some of us think that the liver contains high cholesterol and so we forgo the foods. However, we should eat liver, but no more than thirty grams per serving, no more than three times a week. That would be alright to prevent the occurrence of presbyopia.

Recommended foods for presbyopia

Eye diseases should be treated with the right foods. Here is a list of common foods that are beneficial to presbyopia patients.

They include Corn, Black bean Black rice, Sweet potato, Carrot, Spinach, Bitter gourd, Goji berry, Lotus seed, Tangerine and Orange, Guiyuan (dried Longan), Walnut, Prunella, Sea cucumber, Quail, Rabbit meat, Soft-shell turtle, Yellow eel and so on.

To sum up, people with presbyopia should choose the best and most suitable food for their physical condition. If middle-aged and elderly people will pay attention to eye protection from their daily diet, it can effectively prevent the early occurrence and development of presbyopia.

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