Dealing with Death


Death is inevitable. As practitioners of life cultivation, each of us has our unique way of dealing with our death.

John completed his Jingzuo exercises and thought to himself. Yes, my friend Danny will soon die.

Look at Danny. As time goes on, his mouth is crooked. His memory is fuzzy. He does not recognize people. He cannot eat. It looks as if Danny is hanging by a thread of breath. It looks like Danny will be gone the next moment.

However, days in and days out, Danny lingers on. He did not die. Not only that, he sometimes utters a word or two. He sometimes opens his eyes. He sometimes seeps a little ginseng tea.

With an aged and damaged body, nobody knows Danny is hanging on for what. It looks like he still has missions to be completed, or he is waiting for someone. He just drags on. He will not die. He will not close his eyes forever.

Danny thought to himself. Boy, I wish I could die soon. I really do not want to linger on like this. I wish I could exit with a bang rather than a fizzle. What is the point of dragging on with a damaged body that cannot support my life anymore? People who said it is better to live are wrong. I should have died on the battlefield. Death should be instant rather than in pieces.

Danny thought to himself. Fate is wonderful but bizarre. It hides among thousands of turns. I can only step out one step at a time. I don’t know what kind of outcome will be waiting for me. The only thing I can do is to continue to walk on.

There are too many unpredictable variables in life. I don’t know when the storm will come, how big the waves are, and whether I will easily lose everything I have. Those feelings that have been bitterly suppressed, those words that have been buried for many years, those foreboding emotions that have been suppressed, they have finally found a catharsis exit.

Everything in life is unpredictable, all that can be done is to cherish what we have now.

Life is like a chess game. I make a wrong move and I lose a piece of territory. I still think that it is possible for me to find victory in other places. I used to have lots of frustration and I wanted to die, but I still struggle on. For a young person, there is no need to sentence himself to lifelong death penalty for one small mistake. But for an aged person like me, should I still struggle on?

I should know that there are things in this world that I cannot change. The human mind is the most powerful shackle in this world. Once I am trapped, I cannot detach myself from it.

The human mind is such a complicated thing. No matter how many thousands of thoughts I have, in the end I can make only one choice. I may regret it in the future, but at that very moment, I usually obey my own mind.

Danny thought to himself. Would I be reborn here after I died? Then, will the dead Danny continue to live in other places? There are also other friends. After they die, will they meet each other and remember each other? Will they continue to live with some happy and comfortable days? Will they live and continue to suffer? I don’t know, I don’t want to know. People do not live just to pursue happiness. There are things that you do which will not necessarily bring you happiness, but you will definitely not be happy if you don’t do it. At the moment of choice, we go with the satisfaction of our desire.

In the journey of life, some walk alone, and some hurtle together. For people who are preserving and indomitable, they may go for power, status, wealth, and authority. The only exception is love which requires a sincere heart.

Someone said to me, love is tolerance, love is patient, love is forgiveness, love is full of hope. As long as the other person is happy, you can always stand on the other side, not close, not in line, just silently.

However, my love is selfish, desperate, fierce, full of calculations and praying for rewards, both hurting me and hurting the other. However, it infiltrated my bone marrow, inserted into my heart, accompanied by my pulse. Without death it would not stop. Is this not love?

Danny thought to himself. If I am not successful, I will just die. Danny has made a decision. Since his birth he has been faced with this problem, and he struggled for his existence endlessly. Now it looks like he has reached the end of the route. He has no hope that someone will come and rescue him. Who else can he count on for help except himself in this world of endless sufferings?

Call to Action Summary


Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

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