Let us not be Emotional


As practitioners of life cultivation, we know that our emotions will cause internal injuries to our internal organs. Thus we are very careful not to let our emotions run wild.

There are seven main emotions that may cause big harm to our body. We will discuss the seven emotions and how each emotion will hurt our internal organs, and how we should deal with them.


What are the seven emotions

The seven emotional states of a person are Joy, Anger, Worry, Thought, Sorrow, Fear and Shock. The seven emotions are different responses of the human body to surrounding objective things. Under normal circumstances, they generally do not cause illness.

When there are sudden, intense or long-lasting emotional stimuli and they exceed the normal physiological range of activities of the human body, they will lead to turbulent inner energy circulation, throwing the whole body out of physiological balance. It will then show signs of illness of the body.

The seven emotional states are the main reasons for a human body to suffer from internal injuries. They are collectively referred to as Internal Injuries Due To The Seven Emotions.

How do emotions affect us

It is believed that the mental activities of a person are closely related to his internal organs. The five main internal organs each have its own energy, and they each give rise to the emotions named Joy, Anger, Thought, Sorrow, and Fear.

The heart is related to the emotion Joy. The liver is related to the emotion Anger. The spleen is related to the emotion Thought. The lung is related to the emotion Sorrow. The kidney is related to the emotion Fear. They are generally referred to as The Five Emotions.

Different emotional changes have different effects on the various organs, and changes in blood and energy circulation will also affect changes in emotions. They are interrelated and interdependent.

For example, when there is an oversupply of blood, Anger will arise. When there is insufficient blood, Fear will arise. When the heart has insufficient energy, Sorrow will arise. When the heart has an over supply of energy, Joy will arise.


Dealing with emotions

Why have I been having headaches the past two nights and nausea along with it? I’ve been waking up the past two days feeling extremely depressed and not motivated enough. What could be wrong with me?

You have given the reasons yourself why you have headaches and nausea. You are emotionally disturbed leading to depression and leading to physical disharmony.
Find out why you are emotionally distressed and deal with it, and you will get rid of the symptoms of physical illness.
Our emotion is a cause for body imbalance, and will lead to body problems.

There are basically two ways for a body to feel uncomfortable. One is our external environments, and the other is our emotions.

If the body imbalance starts from environmental changes, our body is invaded through our mouth, nose, or skin. They are easily detectable.

If the body imbalance starts from emotional changes, the emotion will attack the internal organs right away without recourse. Thus it is always more serious if the body imbalance comes from emotional disturbance.

There are five prime emotions that a person will experience, which are anger, happiness, knotted thinking, worry (grief) and fear. Each emotion will affect different internal organs.

Anger will hurt our liver. Happiness will hurt our hearts. Knotted thinking will hurt our spleen (and stomach). Worry will hurt our lungs. Fear will hurt our kidneys. However, because each organ is interrelated and the body is a whole, one organ will affect other organs, and eventually the whole body will suffer. The heart, as the master organ, will also ultimately suffer.

For example, Anger will hurt our liver. The liver energy will flow backwards, usually affecting the stomach and the spleen, thus the body will show that the liver and spleen are in disharmony, or the liver and stomach are in pain, and other symptoms.

Find out more about our emotional disturbance and take care of it right away, and we will soon be healthy again.

His beautiful face has changed from time to time. As if there are countless past events of sorrow and joy forming a river, surging in the valley of his heart.

But the universe at the moment is so calm, the time and things that have passed are no longer in this universe. Everything in the future has not happened yet.

So why do people often remember the past and think about the future, so that they always live in the void?

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