New Ways on Stomach Health VII

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Our stomach or gut is part of our digestive system. Its main function is to digest and absorb nutrients to be used by our body. If it malfunctions, it will make us feel uncomfortable. It will lead to loss of nutritions for our body health. It will not supply enough energy for our body activities. It will affect our body health.

Luckily for us, our stomach and digestive system is a workhorse and it is easily repaired if it is damaged. There are many ways for us to return our stomach to its normal functions.

In this article, we will explore (1) its normal function (2) its abnormalities (3) its daily care (4) its regular maintenance (5) common symptoms (6) high risk group and (7) remedies.

We will present the information two ways. The first way is what we learn in Health Science in our high school or college days. The second way is the traditional herbal medicine way which we present as supplemental information in the later parts of a series of multipart series of posts.

If you want a healthy stomach and digestive system, read on. You will have a healthy stomach, absorb the right nutrients, and be energetic and active the whole day.

This part of the multipart series on stomach health deals with remedies.

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