New Ways dealing with high blood pressure III

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In herbal medicine, high blood pressure is considered to be a normal response to adjust our body functions. For example, when there is a blood clot in our brain to impede blood flow, the body will pump blood up through pressurization which will cause the body to register a high blood pressure condition. This is a normal response for the body to meet the heart, brain and kidney’s demand for blood.

The rise and fall of blood pressure is a self-regulating behavior of life. For example, when a person is exercising, drinking, angry, or excited, blood pressure will increase, while when a person is resting or sleeping, blood pressure will drop. However, if the blood pressure continues to rise under normal conditions, our body is telling us that our body is indeed sick. We should then immediately check to find out what causes the high blood pressure and take appropriate actions. Usually the disease is not caused by the level of blood pressure at all.

The emergence of high blood pressure usually is closely related to the weakness of human vitality and the decline of our organs. It is a reminder for us to pay attention to have proper resting and to make proper adjustments to our body constitution.

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