A New Look at High Blood Pressure II

02 Origin of blood pressure

From the perspective of western medicine, there are two elements required for the generation of blood pressure. First, the contraction of the heart injects an appropriate amount of blood into the arterial system, which is the energy source of blood pressure. The second is the resistance of the surrounding blood vessels (arterioles). Without resistance, blood cannot be stored in the blood vessels, and pressure cannot be generated. This mechanistic explanation has very little to do with the reality of the human body.

In fact, herbal medicine explains it from the aspects of yin and yang and five elements, and everyone can understand it at a glance. Let us see how it works out.

The lungs govern breathing and are the canopy of the heart. The heart is akin to fire. To burn fire, the lungs need to provide air. The fire of the heart is like the oil pump of a car. Therefore, the maintenance of arterial blood pressure is necessary to ensure the normal blood supply and demand relationship of various organs in the body.

When we catch a cold, the pores are blocked, the coldness will remain blocked inside our body. The body will not be able to obtain sufficient air to operate. At this time, the human body will have a fever, the heart will beat faster, thus increasing blood pressure to promote blood circulation, and force the pores to open to allow the body to expel the coldness. As a result, the fever subsides due to sweating, and the body gets the air it needs. At this time, the self-regulation of the human body is completed, and the blood pressure naturally returns to normal.

When we are nervous, irritable, or angry, the heart will also beat faster, resulting in an increase in blood pressure, so as to eliminate the disturbance of energy flow and blood circulation caused by tension, irritability, and anger. When the mind is calm, the blood pressure will be self-leveling.

The heart is akin, and fire needs air to support its combustion. As long as the air supply is stopped for a few minutes, the fire will go out, the heart will stop beating, the body temperature will drop, and the blood pressure will disappear without being measured.

Blood pressure is the kinetic energy response of the body to obtain air, and the beating of the heart is the instinctive response of the human body to expel the old and inhale the new, and to exchange internally and externally.

The heart is akin to fire, for the rise of energy flow, and the liquid is sweat. The kidneys are akin to water, responsible for receiving energy flow, and for the downward movement of the energy flow.

Elderly people or those with weak heart function often have insufficient kidney-energy and weak heart-fire. When the external six evils enter our body and we are unable to excrete them while sweating, the heart and kidney will self-regulate and speed up the beating , increase pressure, promote blood circulation, expel external evil spirits, and absorb fresh air. At this time, the blood pressure rises, and after the adjustment is completed, the blood pressure will return to the normal level.

Elevation of blood pressure is a self-regulating function of the human body, which occurs to ensure that the vital organs of the body receive the necessary energy supply. It is the body’s own disease resistance response and should not be treated as a disease. Instead, we should use it to serve our body and our health.

Thus, as practitioners of life cultivation, we regard blood pressure as a normal phenomenon. However, if the blood pressure is overly high for a long time, we should be concerned and we will try to return the blood pressure to normal.

End of part two of a four part posting.

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