As We Age: Mental state

As we age, many things happen to us. Some are good, and some are bad. As we age, the good thing is we are retired from work and have more control of our time and lifestyle. The bad thing is that our health will generally deteriorate. Luckily we can adjust our lives in such a way that we can retard or reverse our aging process. Moreover, we can learn from the art of life cultivation how to cultivate our mind so that we will live with a peaceful mind.

As practitioners of life cultivation, many of us have suddenly realized that there are better ways to live out our remaining life as we age. Let us look at some typical ways that other people choose to live. We may learn from others so that we will live the best of our remaining life.

We cannot control the aging process but we can make conscious choices.

We learn that the smaller the heart, the bigger the problem.

Time is like running water, it never waits for anyone.

Winter is gone, spring is here.

Time flies, life is only thirty thousand days. Time is like a knife, that everyone of its cut makes us older. Before we know it, we are all getting old.

As we get older, we gradually understand that the most important things in life boil down to six things.

01 Take care of emotions

People have seven emotions and six desires, and it is normal to have mood swings.
Some people are furious, while others are like calm water.

Su Shi once said: Life is like traveling against the road, and I am also like other pedestrians.

Life is a journey. We will meet many people and things along the way. It is impossible for everyone to understand us.

As we get older, we gradually understand that things can be achieved with a broad mind, and peace can be achieved with a calm mind.

Learn to take care of our emotions and stay healthy.

Life is fleeting, taking care of our mood is more important than anything else.

02 Be optimistic and positive

Some people say: the heart is the lamp of a person. If the heart is dark, the world will be dark. If the heart is bright, the world will be bright.

People will encounter countless unexpected things in this life. Ups and downs in life are normal, and no one can always have smooth sailing in his life.

Some things make people happy. Some things make people anxious.

No matter good or bad, we must learn to be positive and optimistic, and laugh at the wind and rain.

Mr. Feng Zikai has a saying: If you have a small heart, things will become big. If you have a big heart, things will be small.

Look at everything, don’t be disturbed by difficulties, don’t worry about small things, and let go of what should be let go.

As we grow old, we must learn to free our hearts.

03 Live seriously and peacefully

Charles Dickens once said: Life will not be as good as you imagine, but it will not be as bad as you imagine.

Once, we carried every burden lived for others. Now, we take off the burden and learn to live for ourselves.

In a person’s whole life, life and death are passive.

Even in life, there seem to be many choices, and often there is no choice.

But no matter what, this life has passed.

Only when we get older do we understand, look for new hobbies, explore, pursue, and find our spiritual belonging.

Take every day seriously and spend our old age with peace of mind.

Confucius said: When you work you forget hunger. When you are happy, you forget your worries. Then you forget that old age is coming.

Such a mentality is worth having.

04 Simplify relationships

Being alone is the joy of being alone.

We are getting old, and we must know how to simplify our circle of friends and enjoy time alone.

It is not true that the more circles the better for us.

If we want to improve our situation, we must stay away from the narrow circle.

If we want to grow faster, we have to say goodbye to those time-consuming friends.

After streamlining the circle, we realized that not all circles are useful to us; not all friends are worth exchanging my heart.

Learn to accept things not going smoothly and learn to enjoy the moment.

Cut out the complicated and keep it simple, and take care of the rest of our life.

The more we pay attention to ourselves, the richer our heart will be, and the happier we will be.

05 Cherish true friends

Gradually getting old, and looking back, we found that there are very few true friends left in this life.

False friends have long since disappeared with the passage of time.

After half our life was gone, we realized: when there are people, connect more; when love exists, cherish it.

It is really not easy to walk together for most of our lives. Not all people can walk into our lives, and not all people are worthy of our constant contact.

Choose friends who have been tested by time and have the same views as us.

It is better to have true friends than more friends. No matter how many friends we have, we can’t compare with a sincere bosom friend.

Lu Xun said: It is enough to have one confidant in life.

We know how difficult it is to be a true friend for a lifetime.

06 Understand our children

Xunzi said: One cannot be a slave to one’s own emotions. When one is angry, one punishes others. When one is happy, one rewards others. This is absolutely unacceptable.

This sentence is also applicable in the process of getting along with children.

Life is a gradual journey, especially between us and our children.

We grow old and our children grow up. They are no longer children who don’t understand anything in our eyes and need to be taught everything.

We must learn to change positions, understand our children, understand their growth, understand their difficulties, and maintain a peaceful heart.

Do not interfere with children’s choices. Instead, give them some support.

Understanding children is peace of mind. Peace of mind is a kind of wisdom.

With a light in front of us, may we maintain a peaceful heart, expect less from children, and be more tolerant of children.

We should move forward with a smile, and be kind to ourselves who are slowly aging.

This is how one person will live as he ages. How will you live?

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