Self-Management for Happy Life I


Bi Shumin, writer, said:

Only when a person puts his whole body and mind in the best state can he turn himself into a soft cotton yarn, embracing warmly with the world full of holes and twists and turns, weaving a wonderful and splendid life.

In the final analysis, a person’s life is a process of gradually improving himself. The calendar turns back page by page, and the days move forward day by day. In the new year, we would like to share with you the nine good habits of self-management made popular by a newspaper. May you strengthen yourself and move forward.

01 Time Management

The father of modern management, Peter Drucker said:

The core of all management is self-management, and the core of self-management is time management.

The biggest difference between people is how we use our time. Some people live twenty four hours into forty eight hours, while others can only live one hour and complain about not enough time.

Those who know how to manage time will gain more.

We can try to start from the following five points and learn to allocate our time:

  1. Sufficient sleep can keep us energetic and focused during the day.
  2. Set the priority of the event, stay focused within a period of time, and use one hundred percent of our energy to do one thing well.
  3. Love what we do, and combine work with rest so that we can get twice the result with half the effort.
  4. Make good use of fragmented time management.
  5. Aim early and have high self-discipline until the goal is achieved.

Our energy is limited, so use it on the most worthwhile things to maximize the value of every day.

How we treat time is how we will be in the future. Make good use of our twenty four hours, don’t let procrastination ruin our life.

02 Interest Management

Zhang Dai said:

We should not befriend people with no addictions because they have no deep feelings.

When a person immerses himself in his hobbies and devotes himself wholeheartedly, he temporarily gets rid of the trivialities of life, and radiates light all over his body, which will also infect the people around him.

Beneficial hobbies can nourish life and make a person spiritually rich.

Writer Wang Zengqi liked to cook, and in his later years he preferred to cook by himself. He often went to the farmers market personally and watched the bustling scene, which was full of human activities. After buying groceries, he went home and cooked delicious food in his kitchen. All his troubles were solved by cooking and food.

You pick your own hobby. Listen to a song, read a book, cook a meal. It has nothing to do with fame and wealth, but to live a better life.

Cultivate an interest, it is a consolation when you are busy and an enrichment when you are free. It turns trivial days into poetry and makes life into more possibilities.

03 Health management

Francis Bacon said:

A healthy body is the guest-chamber of the soul; a sick, its prison.

Only when our body is strong can intelligence and creativity shine.

The World Health Organization found that behavior and lifestyle accounted for sixty percent of the factors affecting health. With good living habits, health will surely be here.

Academician Zhong Nanshan is now eighty five years old. But every time he appears in front of the camera, he is always radiant and energetic. It’s all thanks to his stewardship of his health.

According to Zhong Nanshan:

“We should eat regular meals at fixed schedules. Eat a rich breakfast. Do not eat excessive foods. Eat foods with light seasonings.

We must persist with our exercise. After busy work, we should spare three to four days a week after work to exercise for forty to fifty minutes.

Reasonable eating and exercise habits keep Zhong in a young state even in his old age. He shows us that if we manage our health well, our mentality will be much younger.

In the new year, be the first person responsible for our own health: insist on regular work and rest, eat a reasonable meal, and maintain the habit of exercising.

04 Knowledge management

Old saying:

The best investment is in your own brain.

Knowledge is always our most precious wealth. Our reservoir of knowledge determines the height of our cognition and changes our perspective on the world.

Last year, Dong Yuhui, who was popular in the New Oriental live broadcast room, was not outstanding in appearance, and even laughed at himself that he looked like a terracotta warrior. But with his talent and rich knowledge reserves, he quickly became popular.

The biggest feature of his live broadcast is that talent and culture fly together, full of poetic and picturesque. Often golden sentences appear frequently, winning a lot of praise.

Facts have proved that it is necessary to have enough knowledge. It will guide us when we are confused and help us grow when we are at a low point.

Learning is the best investment for ourselves. Our vision and paradigm will never depreciate. Only by continuous learning can we remain invincible in this changing era.

To be continued.

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