Self-Management for Happy Life II


Bi Shumin, writer, said:

Only when a person puts his whole body and mind in the best state can he turn himself into a soft cotton yarn, embracing warmly with the world full of holes and twists and turns, weaving a wonderful and splendid life.

In the final analysis, a person’s life is a process of gradually improving himself. The calendar turns back page by page, and the days move forward day by day. In the new year, we would like to share with you the nine good habits of self-management. May you strengthen yourself and move forward.

05 Image management

A saying:

Character is written on the face. Personality is reflected in the eyes. Mannerism is shown in the standing posture. Aesthetics value is reflected in the clothes. Cleanliness is shown at the fingernails. Makeup is shown by the hair.

Our attitude towards life is betrayed by our external image.

After all, no one wants to spend time discovering our excellent inner beauty through our sloppy appearance. A master who knows how to live will properly organize himself no matter how bad his situation is.

Keep clean and decent, this is respect for ourselves, but also love for ourselves.

Guo Wanying, a legendary woman in the Republic of China, was rich and beautiful when she was young. When circumstances changed with the change of governments, she began to live in poverty. She was forced to clean the toilets everyday, and her fingers were deformed. Even in this situation, her hair was always neatly combed. Her clothes, though single in color and common in style, were always decent and clean.

Some people didn’t understand and asked her why. She said: “Because this is how people live.”

A clean and decent appearance, an elegant way of speaking, and a calm and easygoing heart are the best showcase of a person.

A good image is a mature attitude towards life and it will help us along in our life.

06 Thought Management

A saying:

A person’s way of thinking determines the way he sees the world.

When we encounter problems, we must learn to ask questions and know how to think deeply. Only by breaking the fixed thinking pattern can our life grow rapidly.

In the new year, we should try to build our own mental model:

In terms of behavior, be brave to try and accumulate experience. In terms of mentality, be open and inclusive, and accept new things.

Say less: I can’t.

Say more: I will try.

The more courage and determination we have to try and make mistakes, the more possibility of growth and transformation for us.

When we break the inherent cognition of the brain and climb over the high wall of thinking, many things that cannot be understood or figured out will naturally be solved.

07 Mentality management

There is a story:

During the very hot Summer days, a large area of grass in the monastery withered. The disciple anxiously said, “Hurry up and sow some seeds, it’s too ugly.”

The Master said: “Wait until the weather gets cooler. Anytime. “

When the Autumn wind came, the disciple exclaimed: “No. The grass seeds were blown away by the wind!”

The Master said: “It doesn’t matter. Most of the blown ones are hollow seeds, and they won’t germinate even if they are dropped. It’s just as you like.”

In the middle of the night, a rain washed away the grass seeds, but the Master still said calmly: “Wherever it rushes, it will germinate there. Whatever happens.”

Half a month has passed, and the young seedlings have sprouted in the Monastery, and some places that have not been planted are also green.

The Master’s life wisdom is worth learning: deal with things when they happen and do not worry too much about the future. When things are over, stop thinking and do not worry about them.

Gain and loss follow fate, live casually, and live a life that goes with everything with a calm heart.

As the saying goes:

Either you control fate, or fate controls you. Your mentality determines who is the mount and who is the jockey.

Only with a good attitude can we ride the fierce horse of fate and sail to the other side of happiness.

In the new year, we should maintain a normal heart and let our life relax.

08 Emotional management

In many cases, things cannot overwhelm people, but emotions can.

How we handle our emotions determines how happy we are in life.

When things happen, we often are impulsive, hurting others and ourselves. Manage our emotions well and everything will go our way.

When negative emotions erupt, we should tell ourselves: wait first, think twice about everything.

In this life, a person wins with tolerance and dies with a bad temper.

Some people have a bad time, and many times it is because they cannot control their anger. People who are dominated by emotions can only allow themselves to become weak and let life slide into the bottomless abyss. Only by not being trapped in the heart and not being confused by the emotion can we live a life in peace.

In the new year, may we learn to be the master of our emotions and learn to live in harmony with our emotions.

09 Target management

The famous entrepreneur Kazuo Inamori founded two Fortune 500 companies in his lifetime and wrote many books, which are regarded as the bible of management.

He said:

If a person wants to create a beautiful life by his own strength, the first step is he should have a dream that is a bit too big, and a desire that exceeds his own strength.

A person without a goal is like a bird without wings and without the motivation to move forward.

If the goal is wrong, all the hard work is futile, and in the end it will only go the opposite direction and achieve nothing. Only by finding the right goal, slowly precipitating ourselves, and exercising ourselves, can we have the possibility of success.

A big tree starts as a seedling. A nine-story mansion starts from a pile of soil. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

We should look at the direction of progress, do the things in front of us in a down-to-earth manner, and leave the rest to time.

In the new year, we should start by setting new goals. Life will be orderly and worry-free.


We cannot be others, but we can meet a better self.

Manage health well and be the first responsible person.

Manage goals well and find a sense of mission in life.

Manage image well and give the best modification to the years.

Throughout our lives, we are getting closer to a better self.

Instead of complaining about being underappreciated, it is better to take action and start self-management.

No one can succeed casually, it comes from thorough self-management and perseverance.

Light up and watch, may you maintain self-discipline, good health, peace of mind, keep moving towards your goals, and create a better life.

End of article.

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