How a compressed meal will hurt you

Do you know what a compressed meal is?

Sometimes we tend to be unhappy at work or in life. We get a little angry. Nevertheless, we have our meal when the anger is budding, but we don’t know that this will do great harm to our body.

As practitioners of health solutions, we want to know what are the solutions to this problem.

Anxiety and Insomnia are closely related to Personality

We know a female person, aged forty. She has had insomnia, irritability and anxiety for a long time. She is very thin and has a very anxious temper. When other people communicate with her, they feel uneasy, because they have different opinions on almost everything. Because of her habit of complaining, she always speaks with a prick. She also has an old stomach problem, stomach pain and anorexia.

She said: My stomach is a little better, but I can’t sleep well. Once I sleep well, my stomach is not good. For more than ten years, my body has never been comfortable and smooth.

When she visits a doctor, her tone is like arguing with the doctor, so few doctors can stand it.

After listening to her remarks, her docter touched her pulse again and said: Your pulse is fine but rushing upwards, and it is very difficult to control the pulse. If you change your temper, the disease will get better quickly. If you don’t change it, if you continue to rush like this for a long time, the energy and blood will be washed away.

She asked: How can I change it?

The doctor said: Think less about yourself and think more about others, and broaden your mind a little bit. In fact, the things you are anxious about are just not that big, and there is nothing worth worrying about when you really think about them. Grandma who lives in the rural area is anxious, worried, and could not put it down when she did not feed a chicken or did not water her vegetable field. Do you want to live like her?

The doctor first gave her a special soup, and said: No matter what, let’s take control of eating and sleeping first. You are so sick up and down, and you are dizzy, dizzy, dizzy, and dizzy. Let’s treat them first. Use sweet and soothing medicine to cure its deficiency, cultivate the energy associated with the spleen, and to nourish the source of transformation.

It is recorded in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic:

In the case where both yin and yang are deficient, nourishing will only cause yin to exhaust, and purging yin will lead to yang loss. In this case, sweet medicine should be used, but not strong medicine.

For those who are deficient in both yin and yang, they should be adjusted with sweet medicine. This sweet and soothing medicine can not only cultivate the spleen and earthy energy, but also ease the anxiety of the pulse.

Internal Conditioning to improve Personality

She then came to the clinic for a follow-up visit. She was late so she was at the back of the waiting line.

She complained to the nurse: I didn’t see any of them registered. I came early. The doctor should see me first.

The nurse explained to her: Everyone has a number in the queue, so you have to follow the order. Do not be anxious.

She said indignantly: Do not be anxious! You have never experienced insomnia. You have not experienced the pain of insomnia. How can you ask me not to be anxious?

The nurse told her: Chronic diseases should not be treated in a hurry. If you are in a hurry, you will only aggravate the disorder of your own energy flow. We have seen many patients with insomnia, but there are still relatively few people who are anxious like you.

Then the doctor came. When it was her turn to be treated, the doctor asked her: How is it after taking the medicine?

She said: It’s not obvious. It’s still insomnia.

The doctor asked her: How about dinner?

She said: A little bit better appetite.

The doctor knew that if there was no improvement, it would be difficult for the patient to have the confidence and motivation to return to the clinic.

The doctor said to her: The illness has been for more than ten years so it will not be cured so fast. As long as your appetite will improve, your body will gradually recover. You still can’t calm down your mind. If your mind can calm down, it will be easy.

Indeed, when a patient goes to a clinic, he will inevitably show his aura, either dissipative and outgoing, quiet and restrained, casual and peaceful, or paranoid, and so on.

This female patient is a typical dissipative character. When she wants to talk, she will outtalk the doctor. She usually quit after visiting a doctor a few times.

This time, the doctor told me that her yin score was not high enough, and her virtual fire was still too high, so on the basis of ensuring that her stomach was well adjusted, the doctor prescribed her a huang lian e jiao soup in addition to the previous jian zhong soup. This is the old remedy to take good care of her eating and sleeping. The jian zhong soup is used to help her meals, and the huang lian E jiao soup is used to help her sleep.

Do not eat a compressed meal

The patient took the prescription. When the patient comes back for a follow-up visit, the symptoms have greatly improved, and her temperament has also changed greatly. It seemed that she suddenly changed from a domineering state to a kind and virtuous person, and she also brought her family over to see the doctor.

As soon as she sat down, she waited quietly for her turn, without making any noise, with a smile on her face.

When the doctor took her pulse, it was obvious that it had become less hyperactive. What was left was the stagnant pulse caused by anger and depression in the past.

The doctor changed the treatment method to go with the flow and adjust her energy flow with the use of xiaoyaosan.

She asked the doctor again: What else should I pay attention to?

The doctor said to her: Do not eat too much even if the food is good. Do not overeat even if your appetite has become better because it will hurt. And people should not eat compressed food. This compressed food hurts people very badly.

She asked inexplicably: What is compressed food?

The doctor explained to her.

We call this compressed food in the countryside. Many experienced elderly people know that people who eat compressed food often will suffer from many strange diseases.

The so-called compressed food means when you are a little angry, your energy flow will be disturbed, but you use a meal to suppress it. Over time, you will burn your liver and spleen. Subsequently your other organs will not be fully nourished. Therefore, it is easy for you to appear fatigued and sleepy.

She immediately reflected on it and nodded. In the past, she was always in a state of stress when she ate. She was impatient and irritable, and she didn’t like anything. She went to work and ate with anger every day.

Later, she would come to the doctor to adjust her body condition every ten days. After a while, she looked plump and fleshy, which once again confirmed the saying that whoever becomes broadminded will be fat.

Now she will communicate without being paranoid. Slowly she was able to talk like a friend. As the saying goes, the appearance is born from the heart, and the heart can shape the appearance.

There is another saying. Wealthy people do not rush to speak. They have easy posture. She is now beginning to have that temperament, and her strong temper has subsided.

From this case study, we can see how much mentality will affect the health of the human body.

Standard on body Adjustment

This case study takes a few months from beginning to end.

The doctor here focuses on adjusting the body. The way he adjusts the disease, he pays attention to the outside symptoms and inner cause, what is important and what is less, and what is serious and what is less. As soon as the doctor starts the adjusting process, he puts aside the painful things that the patient complains about. He starts his protocol on the pulse of the patient.

The pulse is thin and astringent, rushing upwards, blood is low and energy flow is insufficient, and the spirit is rising again, just like the pits in the river, there is no water. At this time, it is impossible to mobilize the energy flow and blood. Thus the doctor used the idea of jianzhong decoction to nourish the essence and adjust the diet. After the appetite was slightly better, he used huanglian ejiao decoction to continue to nourish the essence and adjust sleep. When the sleep diet returned to normal, the pulse showed pun depression, then xiaoyaosan is used. The idea is to go with the flow, adjusting her energy flow.

This process is like the layout of chess. First let the vital energy and blood spread out, make it sufficient, and then let it go around in circles. Otherwise, the body will become hyperactive due to emptiness, and it will only fall into a vicious circle.

As practitioners of health solution seekers, we must have a long-term view of the layout in the treatment of diseases. According to the pulse formula, astringency means blood deficiency or fine injury. It can be seen that an astringent pulse generally represents blood deficiency or fine injury, and even blood stasis due to deficiency.

This kind of pulse is like a river without water, and garbage is thrown there, full of potholes and can’t be washed away. At this time, no matter how we try to dredge it, it is useless. The only way is to fill the ditches and rivers with water, and those stagnations will naturally go away.

Therefore, a famous doctor, Zhang Zhongjing of a thousand years ago, first used small jianzhong decoction to nourish the spleen and stomach for biochemical energy and blood. The spleen and stomach are the source of energy and blood treatment. This source of energy and blood, when it is full and strong, the ditches will flow naturally without any stasis.

Therefore, Zhang Zhongjing used little jianzhong soup to nourish the body essence first. When the body’s true essence and water are sufficient, even if the disease is not completely cured, there is already energy in the body, so little chaihu soup can be used. Or other medicines for regulating the energy machine, by going with nature, the energy machine comes and goes, upwards and downwards, so that it circulates, and the disease is cured.

This is the central idea in Treatise on Febrile Diseases, published by Zhang Zhongjing. It attaches great importance to symptoms and causes, priorities, and the idea of treating and using drugs successively.

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