Origins of illness Part Eleven

People in ancient times who knew The Way will model the Yin and Yang, harmonize in calculation, eat in moderation, live a regulated life, equalize work and play, thus the body and mind co-exists in harmony, who will live to be one hundred years old and then die.

The first principle on longevity is to model our life according to the Universe.

The second principle on longevity is to harmonize our life with numbers and do good deeds.

The third principle on longevity is to control our foods and drinks.

The fourth principle on longevity is to regulate our daily lifestyle.

The fifth principle on longevity is not to overextend ourselves.

The sixth principle on longevity is to harmonize our body and soul.

Beware that diseases originate from wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire.

Beware that diseases originate from disharmony of Yin and Yang.

Beware that diseases originate from foods and drinks.

10 Diseases originate from Emotions

Diseases originate from emotions. Emotions have a great impact on health.

What are emotions?

We have talked about the six environmental elements that cause illnesses. They are wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire. There are also five emotions that will cause illnesses. They are joy, anger, sadness, fear and overthinking.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we believe that human beings and heaven and earth are a whole, and human emotions are actually similar to the six elements of heaven and earth. The emotions will affect health if it is too much or not enough. The environmental elements are external elements, and the emotions are internal elements, and they both can cause disease.

Let us talk about a man named Wang Fengyi, also known as Wang Shanren. He is an old man from Northeast China who died in 1937.

He is a farmer who is illiterate, but he is very remarkable. He is similar to the Sixth Patriarch in the history of Chinese Zen Buddhism. The Sixth Patriarch also did not know a word, but later he thoroughly verified his true nature and made great contributions to Chinese Zen Buddhism. He wrote a book called Tanjing.

Wang Fengyi is also very remarkable and enlightened, but his method is different from that of the Sixth Patriarch. His method is to help people at the bottom, especially women. He devotes his time to the study of emotions, and the relationship between emotions and our psychological behavior and disease. Although he is not educated in this field, he is very experienced with this subject matter and he raises it into a field of study in China.

Our mental behavior directly affects our health. At least 50% of the diseases are caused by unhealthy mental behavior. Wang Fengyi summarizes unhealthy mental behavior into five points:

The first point is to blame

We will blame other people, especially those close to us.

“What did you do? I’ve already finished drinking this water, why don’t you pour another one for me? What do you care about!”

It’s just complaining. Does it sound familiar to you? Do you know any ex-politician who does this everyday on the news? Do you know any ex-politician who divorced several times because of this unhealthy mental behavior?

The second point is to hate

She grinds her teeth, “I hate you. “

Does it sound familiar to you? Do you think women talk like this more than men?

The third point is to be annoyed

“Get out of my sight. You are really annoying.”

The fourth point is to be angry

“I want a small size. Don’t you understand, you pig-head.”

Do you think men are more prone to anger?

The fifth point is to be troubled

You may have seen T-shirts with the word troubled written on them. They write the disease on their body for anyone to see. How about that?

Wang Fengyi concluded that these five points are important factors that lead to all diseases. He made a very fine distinction on the cause and effect of the unhealthy mental behavior. For example, people who like to complain about other people are prone to diseases of the digestive system. That is, diseases of the spleen and stomach.

However, when we visit a doctor for our illness, how many of us will tell our doctor of our unhealthy mental behavior? Without knowing about our mental behavior, how can our doctor return us to perfect health? Therefore, as practitioners of life cultivation, most of us depend on ourselves to practice mental cultivation in order to return us to good health.

If your spleen and stomach are not good, look for the source. Do you like to blame other people? Ask your wife. The wife is usually the biggest victim. The closer you are, the more hurt you are. Find the cause, then you will save money on buying probiotics.

According to the study of Wang Fengyi, who is the cause of our death?

The answer is amazing. Our cause of death is the person closest to us. Who is that person? Our husband or wife.

Our parents will sleep with us at most until we are three or four years old. When we grow up, our husband or wife will sleep with us. It is easy for us to vent our emotions on the person who is closest to us, thus our husband or wife will take the hit.

When we complain, it will hurt our stomach and spleen. Check your mental behavior before you buy that bottle of probiotics. The solution for the health of your stomach may lie elsewhere.

Hating people hurts the heart. Diseases of the circulatory system are decisively related to hatred. Is there anyone with insomnia here? You should examine this hatred within you.

In the past we talked about historical hatred and class hatred, but now there is no such thing. I guarantee that there are husbands and wives hate and colleagues hate now. Knowing this is not bad at all. Now we can open our hearts to learn the real truth of our illnesses. Hate hurts the circulatory system of the heart.

To be annoyed will hurt our respiratory system, our lungs. Simplify our life with less human relationships, and we will improve our lungs.

Anger affects the liver system, the liver and gallbladder. Anger includes sullen anger, depressed anger, and furious anger which may lead to a stroke. Thus herbal medicine pins the blame of stroke on the liver system.

Troubling seems to follow women more than men. Women like to say that they are troubled by some trivial things. As practitioners of life cultivation, we know they will have problems with their kidneys or the reproductive system. A troubled mind will directly damage the kidneys.

This is a very broad subject-matter, but we should learn them. This knowledge is very beneficial to our life! If we grasp, think about, and practice this knowledge, it will not only benefit us, our family, but the entire company and even the entire country.

Thus, as practitioners of life cultivation, we practice mind cultivation to gain emotional balance. We are helped with several techniques such as the dietary technique, the tuna technique, the tuina technique, the jingzuo technique, the ruding technique, and the shenzhan technique.

Gain emotional balance and illness will go away.

Call to Action

Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

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Stay tuned for the next episode. Origin of illness Part Twelve.

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