Origins of illness Part Nine

People in ancient times who knew The Way will model the Yin and Yang, harmonize in calculation, eat in moderation, live a regulated life, equalize work and play, thus the body and mind co-exists in harmony, who will live to be one hundred years old and then die.

The first principle on longevity is to model our life according to the Universe.

The second principle on longevity is to harmonize our life with numbers and do good deeds.

The third principle of longevity is to control our foods and drinks.

The fourth principle of longevity is to regulate our daily lifestyle.

The fifth principle of longevity is to refrain from overextending ourselves.

06 To stay healthy harmonize our body and soul

Neijing postulated that in order to stay healthy, we must harmonize our body and soul. In order to stay healthy, we have to take care of our body. We also have to take care of our soul, our mental health. Just one of them is not enough.

As practitioners of life cultivation, many of us exercise in the park, but not everyone who exercises is healthy. Some people persist very well in exercising. They exercise very well in the park. They are doing all kinds of exercises and all kinds of martial arts such as Taiji.

However, what do they do when they get home? They start to argue with their husbands or wives, and that is not healthy. They are in sorrow everyday, and that is not good. They must take good care of their physical health, and they also have to take care of their mental health. Right?

Now, how do we harmonize our body and soul?

In Chapter Nine Palaces and Eight Winds, Section Lingshu, Book Neijing states that:

The wind comes from the rural hometown where it lives to be the real wind. It dominates life and grows all things.

The wind helps fine leaves to sprout in Spring. It urges lotus flowers to fully bloom in Summer. It is the messenger of Autumn harvest. The wind carries pollen, seeds, and rain, bringing the message of life. Thus wind is a good thing.

However, the wind also has a side of hurting people. The wind rushes along and it becomes the virtual wind. It is the one that hurts people. It also kills people. We should avoid virtual wind like arrows and stones. We call it the virtual evil thief wind.

However, some women will welcome the virtual evil thief wind instead of avoiding it. They wear clothes that will expose their navels and mid-ridge. This is inviting the virtual evil thief wind to invade their body through the navels. Sooner and later, the women will have more and more irregular menstruation, uterine fibroids, and intervertebral disc herniation and so on. Their physical health is now down the drain and they brought the problem upon themselves, not God. The problem for women is very prominent. When there is a problem, it will be miserable. If they want to cry, there are no tears.

These are very important portals that should be protected. Women should be protected, especially during menstruation. It is very important to keep warm. If a woman does not pay attention to keeping warm during menstruation and her menstrual cycle is not smooth, gynecological diseases will occur.

Why are there so many gynecological diseases now?

Part of the problems come from clothing. Therefore, the clothes must be long, especially for women. They must be tucked into the pants. Although many women do not show it, they will come out when they bend over.

These are related to the part we call the body. Take care of your body and you will have a healthy physical body.

What about the part we call the soul?

Again, Chapter Plain Questions of Book Neijing states that:

Keep yourself calm and let go. Let your energy truly flow. Guard your inner spirit. Where will illness come?

You may be busy in your business or your job. You can keep on being busy, but you should keep yourself calm and peaceful and you should learn to let go. Try meditation or our tuna technique, jingzuo technique, ruding technique, or tuina technique. They are very good techniques to help you to let go.

You should try your best to let go and keep nothing in your mind. You continue to do things as you do and you are still busy, but keeping things in your mind or not are completely different ways to treat things. You should try to experience the new way of not keeping things in your mind.

Clearing things in your mind will not affect your business. You now have no pressure in your mind. Your mind is now empty. Your judgment will be more accurate. You will be more dashing. You will be more attractive. And of course your career will be better. Do you like this better?

Many people have a kind of fluke heart, and they do not have a real understanding of life. Originally life can be really cool, but many people can’t keep their cool.

We talk about letting go. It is a very important factor to ensure that our mind and soul are not violated, that is, to ensure health.

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Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

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Stay tuned for the next episode. Origin of all illnesses Part Ten.

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