Origins of illness Part Five

People in ancient times who knew The Way will model the Yin and Yang, harmonize in calculation, eat in moderation, live a regulated life, equalize work and play, thus the body and mind co-exists in harmony, who will live to be one hundred years old and then die.

In order to live a long life, we should (1) model our life according to the universe (2) harmonize our life with precision (3) control our foods and drinks (4) regulate our daily lifestyle (5) stop overextending ourselves (6) harmonize our body and soul.

Harmonize our life with numbers and do good deeds

There is a very important subject for study in Chinese culture, and that is The Technique of Numbers, which is similar to arithmetic that we study in grade schools nowadays.

What does numbers mean? What is the technique of numbers about?

Here we are talking about a measurement.

What is measurement?

Of course, it is the measurement of the human body as well as the measurement of Nature, or Heaven and Earth.

Why is there fortune-telling (prediction) in Chinese traditional culture? Why does Feng Shui and burial geography occupy such a prominent position in Chinese traditional culture?

In the Tang Dynasty, there was a great physician, who lived to be 142 years old, named Sun Simiao. He wrote a very famous article entitled The Sincerity of a Great Doctor. It exposed the subject matter very well.

What do you need to possess in order to be a great doctor?

The answer is: You need to master the technique of numbers.

Why do many patients suffer from the same disease, but some patients are saved and some patients die?

The mysteries of a human body are far from being clarified by modern science. Modern science studies external things in a very precise way, but its body of knowledge on a human body is only skin-deep. Traditional culture has indeed gone a long way in this regard.

According to the technique of numbers, the human body can be measured. It follows a rule, a pattern. There are three changes, and one of them is a no-change, or constant. Since there are constants, they can be calculated, and the constants are included in the result. Thus, we postulate that there is a general rule in life, but it also has variables, so it is not fate or a destiny.

Then the technique of numbers is about how to transform and change our life. Our fate is not calculated, it is made by ourselves, that is to say, it depends on ourselves. Thus our life does not rely on gods and saviors, nor does it rely on fortune-telling, it is made by ourselves.

How did it come about?

Confucius said:

A family that accumulates goodwill has more happiness, and a family that accumulates badwill has more disaster.

This is a profound problem which is also related to our health. If there is a problem with our health, it will be a disaster, right?

Why is there such a disaster?

It is because of our badness. Because in the course of our life we ​​have done a lot of bad things and accumulated a lot of bad things. So at some point in our lives we develop a disease. This is a very profound understanding of health and disease.

This concept is very important to us now. Whether we talk about the eight honors and eight shames, spiritual civilization, or social stability, if we do not link with our own vital interests, it is empty talk. After we are linked with our vital interests, everyone will know how to act, and to know the meaning of this practice of not doing bad things.

We do a little good deeds or a little public welfare, and it seems to be doing charity. Yes, we are doing public welfare, but in fact it is for ourselves at the end, and ourselves are the ultimate beneficiary.

The technique of numbers is actually an elaboration of this problem, and it reveals health and disease at a deeper level. Thus we should harmonize our life with the technique of numbers, and do good deeds.

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