Origins of illness Part Four

People in ancient times who knew The Way will model the Yin and Yang, harmonize in calculation, eat in moderation, live a regulated life, equalize work and play, thus the body and mind co-exists in harmony, who will live to be one hundred years old and then die.

The first principle on longevity is to model our life according to the Universe.

02 Diseases originate from Yin and Yang

Diseases originate from Yin and Yang. What do we mean by that statement?

First of all, what is Yin and Yang?

As practitioners of life cultivation, we understand that yin and yang represents the universe, heaven and earth, and nature. At a lesser level, men are yang and women are yin. Thus, we claim that many diseases originate from men and women, or the disharmony between men and women.

What is the greatest relationship between a man and a woman?

A couple, husband and wife. Right?

How do diseases originate from a couple?

When a man and a woman marry, they become a husband and wife, and they have a family with children. The way of yin and yang begins with the husband and wife.

In modern society, the biggest problem of yin and yang is the problem of husband and wife. As soon as we discuss this issue, it becomes clear to everyone why some diseases originate from yin and yang.

Yin and Yang confront each other, restrict each other and exclude each other. The goal is to achieve their unity and achieve a relative dynamic balance between Yin and Yang.

We know that yin and yang in nature oppose each other like day and night. However, yin and yang will always try to strike a dynamic balance. Otherwise, the universe will be in chaos.

Now let us look at a couple. How many couples don’t quarrel now?

Many couples now blame each other. Men are suspicious of women, and women are suspicious of men. When the man goes out, the woman can’t sit still at home. Instead of embracing each other, they hate each other, so that yin and yang are not in harmony.

The incoordination of yin and yang is a very important factor in the occurrence of diseases. Many diseases actually come from this path. If the husband and wife are not on good terms, we say the yin and yang are not in harmony. The children who are born and grow up in such a family where the yin and yang are not in harmony will suffer.

Many parents bring their children to visit a doctor and do it repeatedly. Oftentimes the illness is cured and then relapsed. What is the root cause?

The root cause is most probably the parents, the disharmony between yin and yang. This is something that needs everyone’s attention. It is very important to our health although it is seldom treated by the medical profession. If we can’t get this right, no matter how much medicine we take, it won’t work.

Some diseases originate from yin and yang. It has another aspect to it. It is related to an excess of sexual behavior.

The current ethos is not what it used to be. In the past, sexual behavior was limited to husband and wife, but this is not the case now. They are all messed up relationships. This is harmful to physical and mental health. It needs to be checked. Both men and women need to check.

Don’t go for instant gratification from the sexual act. This is called accumulation of badness. This will not only affect the relationship between husband and wife, but also affect their children.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we do not advocate this. This is a big problem, and it will bring harm to the children and grandchildren. The physical and mental health of the parents will also affect the physical and mental health of the children and grandchildren.

Yes. Diseases do originate from yin and yang. If you do not want to be sick, keep the yin and yang in dynamic balance.

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Stay tuned for the next episode. Origin of all illnesses Part Five.

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