Mind Cultivation Part Three

The basic practice in Mind Cultivation is to calm the heart and the mind, clear the mind of all desires, and reduce all kinds of desires.

If we allow myriad distracted thoughts to grow in our mind, our heart and mind will experience great turbulence. Then we will consume a lot of energy which is bad for us.

When blood and vital-energy flow are turbulent, the mind will rush out. We will then practice Mustang Tuna Technique and Mustang Jingzuo Technique to try to bring the mind back to normal. We will try to reduce various desires so as to achieve internal nourishment of the spirit, and to achieve peace of mind. In this way, we also cultivate our vital-energy flow and the health of the human body.

Mind Cultivation in Summer

01 Maintain a purified mind

As practitioners of life cultivation, we strive to have a purified mind with no desire. As we know, the less greedy we are, the less anxiety we will have. In addition, overly joyful and overly sorrowful thoughts are not good for our mind. As seniors, we should learn to control our mood, especially not over joy or sorrow.

02 Close our eyes to purify our mind

We should close our eyes and rest our mind whenever we have the chance. Closing our eyes helps us to eliminate distracting thoughts.

03 Meditate more in Summer

When we meditate, we will attain a peaceful mind. We should sit in the shade of a tree or inside the house for fifteen to thirty minutes everyday to meditate. If we cannot meditate for a long time, even five minutes can be effective. If meditation is not our cup of tea, we may listen to melodious music, look at beautiful pictures, or go fishing. We may also practice Mustang Shenzhen Technique.

04 Move slowly in Summer

We should move slower in the Summer. The weather is hot in the summer, so our blood circulation is accelerated, and the heart is easily overburdened. Therefore, in the summer, we should take care of our hearts by slowing down. When our heart slows down our breathing will slow down.

05 Cool ourselves in the summer

We should stay in the shades and sweat less in the summer.

The temperature is usually high in the summer, and we tend to sweat more. Sweat is the fluid of the heart, and sweat and blood are of the same origin. If we sweat too much, it will lead to imbalance between the yin-energy and the yang-energy.

In addition, when the temperature is high, blood distribution on our body surface becomes large, which can easily lead to the symptoms of cardiac and cerebral ischemia in the elderly.

Moreover, sweating a lot in the summer can easily lead to an increase in blood viscosity, so we should reduce the intensity of our activities, avoid excessive sweating, and drink a little salt water if needed.

However, sweating should be allowed when it is time to sweat, and the elderly should not stop sweating by leaving the air conditioner on for too long.

We should eat the proper foods in the summer in order to nourish and soothe our mind. Those foods are poria, ophiopogon japonicus, jujube, lotus seeds, lily, bamboo leaves, and cypress seeds.

Proper Health Care in Summer

01 Try to keep quiet, avoid excessive crying, and ensure adequate sleep.

02 Control our activities so that we neither engage in strenuous exercises nor lead a life of stillness. Running and jumping and strenuous exercises are strictly prohibited. Lying in bed all day is also not a good idea. Must sleep at night to reduce the burden on the heart.

03 People with heart insufficiency tend to sweat a lot. They need to keep their skin clean by taking showers frequently in the summer or wiping their body clean with a hot towel in the winter, all the time paying attention to keeping warm. They should change clothes frequently. They should drink more water to ensure enough water.

04 Keep the stool smooth. If the stool is dry and difficult to defecate, excessive force will increase the abdominal pressure, increase the burden on the heart, and even have serious consequences. Keep air circulation in the living room and avoid staying in crowded public places as much as possible to reduce the chance of respiratory infection.

05 Clothes should be changed in time with the weather, and pay close attention to prevent catching a cold.

06 Have a physical checkup especially the heart and blood circulatory system regularly. Follow the doctor’s instructions strictly in taking medicines, especially cardiotonic and diuretic drugs. Due to their pharmacological properties, the dosage must be absolutely controlled, and they should be taken on time and according to the course of treatment to ensure the curative effect. Before each inotrope is taken, the pulse rate must be measured. If the heart rate is too slow, the drug should be stopped immediately to prevent the toxic effects of the drug from occurring and endangering life.

Call to Action

Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

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Stay tuned for the next episode: Mind Cultivation Sacred Ways.

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