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Human emotions are dominated by our mind. As soon as the mind is happy, we are happy. Thus, a person with no heart and no lungs is a good way for him to maintain a relaxed and happy life, which promotes his health.

Thus, as practitioners of Life Cultivation, we try hard to cultivate our mind so that we end up to be happy persons.

But, how do we do that? We should follow the following rules.


01 No scheming

If a person is a schemer, he will constantly think about how to take advantage of other people, and he will have to guard against people taking advantage of him. He will end up with a turbulent mind.

If we want to live for a long time, we should not be schemers. We should live like Forrest Gump instead.

A schemer usually has a faster heart rate. He generally sleeps poorly, and is often accompanied by insomnia. Too much scheming may also lead to body dysfunction, which is susceptible to various diseases.

When a person makes simple things into complicated things, he will increase the chances of disputes that he has to overcome. Thus his life becomes a complicated one instead of a simple one. He gains nothing from a complicated life. Instead, he will be worn out someday which will affect his physical and mental health.

Therefore, we should gloss over small things in our life without disputes. This is actually one of the secrets of health and longevity.

02 No greed

Greed is part of human nature.

All people are busy coming for benefits. All people are bustling going for benefits.
—–Sima Qian, historian

People are greedy. They are busy chasing after benefits and money. We should control our greed within the normal range, just like building an embankment to contain the floods.

Once the greedy heart of a person grows beyond control, he will lose straight thinking. He will be deceived and then entangled in sorrow and trouble. Thus, his life will be uneasy.

People are never satisfied with what they have. Their greed has no bound.
—–Lu You, Poet

People who are too greedy often lose more than they get. Thus, a person with no greedy heart will have no trouble. A person with a calm heart is one with an ordinary heart. A person with an ordinary heart of no greed will live a peaceful life.


03 No jealousy

Some people often see things that others are better than themselves, but ignore those things in themselves that others envy.

If we are swayed by this mentality, we will not perceive the good things in our life.

In fact, everyone has their own advantages in property, children, health, work, relationships and other aspects. Thus, we should not be envious or jealous of other people.

For example, someone may be richer than us, but we have more leisure time. Someone may be more beautiful than us, but we are in better health. Someone may have children abroad, but we have children around to take care of us.

Instead of being envious and jealous of other people, why don’t we use our own advantages to turn the little things in life into happiness? Then our life is still sweet for us.

04 No impetuousness

In today’s impetuous social background, some people lose their patience. Their minds are irritable, and they want to grab everything as soon as possible.

Once a person becomes irritable, he will lose his patience. He may not be practical in his undertakings. He may be impulsive and often do things the wrong way, the stupid way.

In fact, what is the use of your impetuousness? Whatever should come will come sooner or later. Whatever should go you will never be able to retain.

In your short life in this world, if you get something, it is your luck. If you do not get anything, it is your fate. Everything is preordained, so just follow the natural course. Then you will live a life that is comfortable, easy, and chic.


05 No worry

We live in a peaceful and prosperous era. There is no war and no hunger. What should we worry about?

Keep less things in our mind.
—–Sun Simiao, herbal doctor who lived to be 145.

Do not keep anxiety overnight. Do not harbor anger overnight.
—–Han Meilin

It would be nice for us to live with these thoughts in mind. Right?

Yesterday was gone, so there is no need to worry about it. Today I am happy living the moment, so there is nothing to worry about. Tomorrow is far away and yet to come, so we need not worry about it.

If we look for troubles in some unnecessary small things in life, we will accumulate troubles and anxiety in our mind. As a result, it will end up hurting our body and reducing our happiness.

We should keep our happiness in this turbulent world and be the master of our own mood. We do not look for worry, and if worry visits us, we do not keep it in mind. Then we will have a happy mind everyday.

06 No overwork

We are destined to work. However, when we enter old age, we have worked for most of our life. Whatever should come or should not come has become a foregone conclusion. What are we worrying about?

We are not in a position to worry about world affairs or national affairs. We are not in a position to worry about the business enterprise that we work. We should not worry about other people’s business. We should not worry about our children because they are grown up now and they are capable of solving their own problems.

For most of our life we have worried about our work, our family and our children, and now we should live for ourselves, and use the rest of the time to pamper ourselves. That is to think about how to make our body healthier and live a little happier.

Friends, please cherish everyday in life, because this day is the first day of our remaining life. And happiness originates from our heart and mind.

It is nice to be happy without any work.

If you are unhappy, consult Mustang Life Cultivation.


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Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

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